10 Best Strategies To Win At Roulette

For many of the players who have just taken their first step in the casino, thinks that roulette can bring you easy money without knowing much about the game’s rules and strategies. You just have to bet on a number or colour and you either win or lose, but that’s not it! Whether the game of roulette will bring you some easy cash or it will put more of your bankroll on the line, it all depends on your style of play.

Whether you are a newbie or a regular roulette player, these 10 best roulette strategies will help you win over your bet majority of the time if you put them to use successfully into your game.

Regular Roulette Player


This is one of the easiest to remember strategy, as all that the player has to do is double their bet every time they lose with the same wagers. For example, if you have bet on the odd number and then you lost that bet then you need to double your bet and again bet on the odd numbers; if you lose again then repeat the same thing. This way, with a single win, even after consecutive loses, you will be able to recover your lost amount as well as pocket a little profit.


Make a sequence and then add the first and last digit of the sequence to put the same amount in the bet. If the player wins the bet, they add that number at the end of the sequence, and if they lose, they have to remove the first and last number from the sequence.

Best Strategies to Win at Roulette


It is one of the best strategies to win small profits progressively as the player needs to add one coin to the player’s stake with every loss and remove one coin for every win. This way, one will prevent themselves from losing a massive amount of money with a single bet, but it will also not bring home any huge profit.


Contra D’Alembert system is the counter of the D’Alembert system mentioned above as the player adds one coin to the bet with every win and take one coin away with every loss. The player may witness a very little or no profit in the starting rounds but later will see a positive progression.

Roulette Strategies


In the paroli system, the player makes a cycle where they double their wages every time they win a bet, and keep doing so until they achieve three consecutive wins, after that, they go back to the beginning of the sequence and keep repeating the cycle.

  1. 3 2 SYSTEM

As the name suggests, this strategy involves adding bets in 3:2 order, for example, the player can put two units of bet on column two and three units of bet on red. This allows the player with more chances to win, but if you keep on losing consecutively, then the loss can be massive.

  1. 1 3 2 6 SYSTEM

With 1 3 2 6 strategy, the player makes one unit of bet on the first round, three units on the second, two units on the third and six units bet on the fourth round. If they successfully complete the sequence with wins, they can go over it again from the starting, but if they lose in the mid-way, they have to start from the one unit again.


With the Fibonacci system sequence, every following stake is the addition of the previous two stakes, and every wager is to be placed in the even-money bet. For example, if the player has had one and two units as two bets as mentioned earlier then he or she has to put three units now, then five units, then eight and so on, if they lose in mid-way go back two places in the sequence.

Casino Players


With the Andrucci system strategy, the player takes note of the numbers that appeared on the last thirty or forty spins and select a number that has the most possibility of landing. He or she then bet on that number for the next twenty or thirty cycles until they win, this makes it a risky strategy for the beginners.


The player increases their stakes after a losing bet, once they decide on how much they want to win, they divide it into small amounts and form sequence. The first bet is made by adding the first and last number of the sequence which is then cancelled out with the win and if they lose, then the bet amount is added on the rightmost end of the sequence.