7 Most Popular Online Slots Games to Play

Online slot games are known to be the most popular kind of real money game which is played in online casinos. Usually, online casinos keep a large selection of slot games to play and enjoy. Some of the most popular online slot games are easy to recall by their amazing theme. People opt for their favorite one when it comes to slot games. There is a pool of options that people can select as various slot games have taken over the online casinos. People often love to play specific ones, only also some play slot games that have great popularity. If you are amongst those who love to play popular slot games then here is an amazing list of the most popular online slot games that can be played for fun and even win.

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1 Starburst Slot Game

 One of the most well-known slot games is stardust. The success of this slot title has been surprisingly huge in the online gambling world. You can win real-time money by hitting combos with the amazing intergalactic games that have various shapes that glow every time a combo is hit. This slot game is developed by NetEnt.

2 Family Guy Slot Game

 This is another hugely popular game which is developed by IGT. This slot game plays a theme song and then flashes favorite characters each time you opt for a spin. It is a great way of enjoying the flashback of your favorite show. It is a great slot game based upon a TV show.

3 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Slot Game

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 This real money slot game is based upon the Anchorman theme. It has a nice 70’s track which makes this slot game interesting. This game has symbols and various favorite characters and even various iconic movie references such as Ron’s dog Baxter and many more. In a nutshell, this game is a fun and simple slot game.

4 Fairytale: Red Riding Hood Slot Game

 This slot game is based upon the very popular fairytale. Also, this slot will take you by surprise with its huge bonuses. After you recognize the little girl from the red hood, you will definitely wish to play and try to go for various combos with treasure chests, storybooks, and even locks.

5 King Kong Fury Slot Game

 The amazing and other great slot game is King Kong Fury. You will find the majority figure from the movie itself. This slot game consists of 5×4 reels and a total of 50 lines. This game is developed by NextGen. The exciting combination of various random figures makes the fun never-ending.

6 Monopoly Mega Mover Slot Game

 You can follow Mr. Moneybags in a dynamic slot adventure in this slot game. There are various kinds of monopoly slot games available but this one surely wins the most hearts. It features various symbols like Rubber Duck, Penguin, and Cat which are as per the recent monopoly addition pieces.

7 Wheel of Fortune: On Tour Slot Game

 This is a slot game that everyone loves to play. This slot game is inspired by a greatly popular game show and it takes to an adventurous journey with the reels. This game is a development of IGT. This game has a popular title of its own amongst all the players. This wheel of fortune slot game consists of a total of 30 pay lines and 5 reels.

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So, All the above-given slot games are the most popular ones. Make sure you select the best slot game as per your taste. The variety of themes and slot games makes the game even more fun for the players. Choosing the best slot game can be tricky otherwise, so you can freely try the above-given lists of the most common online slot games. Some of the games will surely hit nostalgia because they are inspired by old shows and movies. The best thing about these slot games is that you get to enjoy the game with your favorite characters.