7 Tips on How to Beat Slot Machines 2021


Slot Machines

Do you want to win slots? Slots have become one of the popular live casino games that have ever been invented. It allows players to enjoy exciting games as well as surprising prizes too.

Slots are based on randomness and winning huge money is never an easy thing. This is why knowing the secrets of how to beat slot machines is always a dream of players.

Everything in gambling depends on fortune. However, here we have mentioned the top 7 tips below that will increase your chances of winning. It will allow you to beat the slot machines and win some exciting prizes.

1. Find the slot with the highest return to the player:

If you don’t want to lose your money on slot machines, then it is important to check the RTP (return to Player) percentage. Every slot machine offers a unique return to the players. You can easily find the RTP percentage of the slot machine. The higher the RTP number, the less you lose.

2. Watch your bankroll:

You cannot always beat the slot machine and win the prizes. So, it is important to identify that how much you can afford. Deciding the amount of money that you can use for playing slots will help you in money management. So, watch your bankroll and decide when you need to leave the table for good.

3. Watch the time:

Slot machines are one of the engaging casino games, which allow people to spend long hours unknowingly. If you don’t want to get your pocket empty, then you should watch the time while playing slots and decide the duration. So, you can leave the table at the right time.

4. Play at singles:

If you want to win jackpots, then you need to play at singles or independent slot machines as compared to inter casino-linked and in-house slots. The single slots will increase your chance to win jackpots within a short time.

5. Put less in the bankroll:

Don’t feel forced to use your entire bankroll. Sometimes, players have to stop playing slots immediately and they left a big amount in their bankroll. To finish the bankroll in a short time, players start placing big bids, which never provide any benefit to them.

So, you should put less in the bankroll. So, you can easily leave the game whenever you want and save money.

6. Take advantage of casino loyalty points:

You can beat the online slots by using loyalty points and win free bids. It can also make you win exciting prizes. The online casinos offer exciting offers, coupons, and loyalty points to the players, which you can use and get the benefits.

7. Slot winning frequencies:

You can beat the slot machines by considering the winning frequencies. Slot machines have an average frequency of 10% or 20%, which means you can win after every 10th or 20th spin. So, you can learn the art of winning frequencies and set your bankroll accordingly. It will allow you to win exciting prizes.