A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on League of Legends

League of Legends, or LoL, is a well-known team-based strategic electronic sport (eSport). It is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and its tailor-made map influenced by Warcraft III.

Despite the online game’s influences, its developer, Riot Game, conspired to generate a unique MOBA with a similar genre. Hence, this success made it well-known worldwide since its first debut in 2009, even in online sports betting in Singapore‘s industry.

The first time eSports upsurged in Singapore sports betting was in 2012, wherein tournaments started to emerge, such as:

·         2012 Garena Premiere League (GPL) Season 1

·         The Legends Circuit in 2013 (Seasonal)

League of Legends became a significant part of these championship matches since then, making them a remarkable distributor in Sportsbook Singapore‘s industry.

LoL Champion Classes Bettors Must Know

As mentioned earlier, League of Legends is similar to DOTA. Thus, it is also played by two teams of five players. What made them different from DOTA is that its characters are called Champions and have unique classes, such as:


It is known for its high locomotive and quick skills. Its only drawback is it has poor defensive abilities.


This type of champion is considered a mobile class since it has high-level adaptability. The disadvantage is that it does not have any diversified capabilities.


Mages are great champions that can attack enemies while supporting their teammates. The thing is, they are vulnerable and can only attack from afar. Once the enemy attempt to slaughter them at a near distance, they can get killed immediately.


This champion class is similar to Mages, considering they have long-range attacks, which can weaken the attacked enemy. They are marked as helpful in disrupting turrets and high-defensive champions, like:

·         Assassin

·         Fighter

·         Tank

But Marskmen have poor defensive abilities; hence, they are always targeted.


These champions have healing capabilities while providing buffs to their teammates, boosting their performance. However, Support is relatively ineffective for confrontational offences and is only best to sustain their co-players with their capabilities.


It is built with a high-level health pool and toughness. Tanks are best used for sustaining any of the enemy’s outrages. Nevertheless, they are not competent enough to destroy any of the champion’s objectives.

LoL eSports Betting Types

Alongside the online game’s skyrocketing fame, various betting types also emerged. This factor is one of the things bettors must learn apart from all the terminologies utilised and how League of Legends is played.

The most common types of Singapore sports bets in League of Legends are:

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Prop Betting

Proposition (prop) bets are among the top popular other betting categories. It is where bettors’ wagers are not directed to the actual game’s outcome but are based on the following attributes:

·         Match

·         Sportsbook

·         Competing teams

Some of the example options that deviate from prop betting are:

·         Which group made the first blood?

·         Which group kills the dragon first?

·         Which group can initially destroy the first tower?

Proposition betting is commonly done when watching a live, in-game League of Legends match.

Moneyline Betting

This gambling attribute is the easiest among other categories. Bettors only need to pick one side to win the round. Hence, many bettors wager their money here, considering its simplicity, especially for novices.


It is a present alternative for bettors who do not want to support one team but have sharp intelligence about the round’s accurate duration. Best-of-three matches can only consist of two or three games. Thus, the Total will always be set at 2.5.


Handicap, or Spread, betting is similar to traditional sports betting called the point spread. This type of sports betting is utilised to construct every matchup of nearly equal probability by setting the favoured team’s victory preset.

In LoL betting, handicap bets level the playing field in matches. Bettors have team favourites, enabling them to place their bets on either team at even odds by giving points to the underdog and considering them their preferred group



The state of League of Legends eSports betting in Singapore is continuously growing. Therefore, bettors who wish to engage in this type of wagering must know all these common factors to succeed.


Other than these attributes, bettors should also ensure they choose the right sports betting company to enjoy their eSports gambling journey and gain more bonuses.

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