A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on the Grand National

The Grand National, a horse race that captivates millions of enthusiasts worldwide, is known as the highlight of the racing season in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Aintree racecourse, which is the stage for this horse racing event, hosts the finest Nation Hunt horses on a challenging racetrack which provides lucrative opportunities for online horse betting Singapore.

What is the Grand National?

The Grand National is a unique steeplechase with over 40 horses navigating a gruelling four-mile racetrack and clearing 30 fences along the way. Only the most exceptional racehorses can keep up with this demanding pace, and the winners earn a place of honour in the world of horse racing.

The Grand National is also known as one of the oldest horse races. William Lyne introduced this prominent steeplechase, but there is still debate about when the first Grand National was run. Most of the historical records claim that the official first Grand National was in 1836, which The Duke won. The same horse won again in the next year before William Lyne took his crown in 1838.

Since then, the Grand National has taken place each year, except for cancellations during World War I and II and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helpful Tips for Grand National Betting

The Grand National is one of the most prominent horse races worldwide, but it is also one of the most difficult to bet on. There are various aspects that beginners must consider before making a prediction and wagering on Singapore betting sites. Various factors such as the horse’s form and the racecourse condition must be considered.

Here are some tips punters can consider as a Grand National betting guide that can help them successfully place wagers.

Steer Clear of Horses Carrying Top Weight

The Grand National is a handicapped horse race wherein weights are involved to try and make the race more competitive. This means that horses will be carrying different weights depending on their ability. The top-rated horse in the horse race will weigh 11st 12lb, while the lowest-rated horse carries 10st 2lb. The race handicappers determine which horses have the heaviest weight based on each horse’s rating.

The top-rated horses usually carry the heaviest weight. As the Grand National race is a test of the horses’ stamina and endurance, it can be difficult for the runners carrying top weight to stay the course.

Look Out for Entrants That Have Raced and Won at the Grand National Before

While it is known for first timers at Aintree racecourse to triumph in the Grand National, historical data suggests that those horses that have raced and won in the past stand a greater chance to win again.

Many Grand National winners have either won at Aintree racecourse or entered horse races that were at least three miles long. Any Group 1 race winners should also be considered as they can be capable of performing well on the biggest stage.

Consider the Runner’s Age

Age is one of the most defining aspects of possible Grand National winners. Few thoroughbred horses have the stamina to prevail on the obstacles in the Aintree racecourse until the age of 9.

The peak range of potential Grand National winners are horses between nine and twelve years old. Meanwhile, horses aged 13 typically begin to lose their strength and stamina at this stage as runners.

The Aintree racecourse fences require a level of maturity from the runners, which typically comes with age and experience. Bettors can opt to eliminate horses that are younger than eight or older than ten years old when placing the stake on the Grand National frontrunners.

Evaluate the Form and the Past Performances of Runners in the Grand National

Another helpful tip that can guide bettors in betting at the Grand National is evaluating the form and past performance of the runners. When it comes to form, punters must look closer at how a horse has been performing in the past racing seasons. Eliminate the horses that consistently get pulled up, fall, unseat their riders, or refuse when wagering.

For example, Pineau De Re, the 2014 Grand National winner, had only fallen once in the two years before his win. He had also never pulled up, refused, or unseated his jockey in any race during his entire career.

Take Advantage of Free Wagers to Maximise Potential Winnings in Horse Betting

While the Grand National usually lacks short-priced favourites in betting markets, bettors can still maximise odds and potential payouts in SG horse betting.

Bettors can look for the latest bonuses and promotions ahead of the Grand National. Most bookmakers have customer promotions that encourage bettors to sign up and place wagers. Some of these promotions require an upfront deposit before activating any free bets.

Stay Updated on the Condition of the Aintree Racecourse

The condition of the Aintree Racecourse can make or break possible winners of the Grand National. Some runners prefer good ground, while other runners want a softer cut in the ground.

In the days leading up to the Grand National, bettors must check the likely weather conditions at Aintree racecourse and make a judgement call on what the racecourse will be like. If the bettor’s picks are not expected to enjoy the probable condition, they can opt to pinpoint a more credible and alternative horse to wager on that is more likely to win and perform well on the racetrack.

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The Grand National is considered the longest race in the United Kingdom, with a £1 million prize pool. This 4-mile marathon at the Aintree racecourse in the United Kingdom can be challenging, but it is part of the reason why Grand National betting remains popular among many bettors.

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