A Beginner’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the prominent horse racing events that provides opportunities to engage with horse racing betting. This racing event features the best three-year-old horses competing in the most-watched horse race of the year.

Many people consider the race to be an American Classic as it stands as one of the longest-continuous sports events in the United States. Bettors interested in horse racing should learn more about the Kentucky Derby, a popular horse race event that millions of viewers anticipate each year.

What is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is widely considered a prestigious sporting event in horse racing. It is a Grade I race for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses, and it is the first of the American Triple Crown races that dates to the 1870s.

The Triple Crown was officially launched in 1930 and consisted of the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes. Winning the Triple Crown is one of the most significant accomplishments that a racer can earn, and currently, only thirteen horses have achieved this.

Where is the Kentucky Derby Held?

The race is held on the first Saturday of May every year at the Churchill Downs in Kentucky. Kentucky is known as the centre of the Thoroughbred racehorses in the United States, as it has around 45% of all racehorses bred in the state.

Churchill Downs is the host racetrack of the Kentucky Derby, with the famous Twin Spires sitting atop the racetrack’s grandstand. It opened in 1875, and the first Kentucky Derby race was held in the same year. The track is named after John Churchill and Henry Churchill, who provided 80 acres of land to create the racing event in the United States.

How Many Horses Are Participating in the Kentucky Derby?

The only horses eligible to participate in the Kentucky Derby race are three-year-old thoroughbred horses. This means that every Derby represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each horse racer on the track. Only twenty horses get to have a spot at the Kentucky Derby track, which makes it a highly competitive qualification process.

Those who hope to be a part of the Kentucky Derby must participate in 35 preparation horses, called The Road to the Kentucky. During each race, the horse in the races earns points based on how they perform. Once all the races in the Road are over, the top twenty horses get a spot in the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Horse Betting Guide

In the Kentucky Derby, bettors also have an opportunity to place wagers and make some money. While betting online is a convenient choice for bettors , it can still be challenging to pick which one will win in a field of 20 horses.

For beginners who are unfamiliar with horse betting, here are some helpful Kentucky Derby tips to consider before placing any wagers.

Consider the Pace of the Races

The pace of any horse race is important. If the early leader in the race is able to go slowly and exert little effort, they will save energy and get enough to get through the race. Meanwhile, if there is a speed battle early in the race, the front runners can likely get tired throughout.

Many Kentucky Derby winners are often those who are in a good position just off the pacesetters in the race. One of the helpful tips that can guide betting on the winners for the Derby is to look for tactical speed that can keep up and be in a good spot. Some frontrunners and early speed horses may find it challenging to maintain their fast pace throughout the race.

Track the Derby Trail

Entering the Kentucky Derby race involves a point-based system for 48 qualifiers held from September through April on the racetracks. Following the results of the Road to the Kentucky Derby races can help determine which  notable horses stand out against the others.

Besides domestic graded stakes races in the United States, there are also international events in Japan, the Middle East, and England that are part of the key prep races. These international races are sometimes overlooked in sports betting and horse betting sites due to a lack of exposure.

Consider the Horse’s Stamina Over Speed

All of the horses that qualify for the Kentucky Derby race are quick, as it involves the best three-year-old Thoroughbred horses. But at 1 1/4 miles, the Kentucky Derby requires the horses to have both speed and stamina. One of the main reasons that the race is hard on horses is the quality of the field.

Some of the winners of the Derby are not always speed horses and are the quickest over-the-mile makers. Instead, they stay on track despite the distance, and it is something that bettors should watch out for.

Do not Ignore the Jockeys

When evaluating possible winners for a Kentucky Derby winner, one helpful tip in the beginner’s guide for betting is also to consider the jockeys and trainers. Knowing the jockeys’ strengths and weaknesses based on their past performance can help in deciding which horses are more likely to win. Consider which jockeys and trainers have consistently raced successful races, as there is also generally more information available that can be based on past performance in Derby races.

Shop for the Best Lines in Online Betting Sites

The increased popularity of the Kentucky Derby means that many sites for online betting Singapore will cover the race in detail. It also means that there are many massively inflated numbers of bets, which makes betting lines deviate more from book to book.

Bettors must shop around for the betting lines, as there may be a huge difference between each sportsbook. Shopping for the best lines helps improve a bettor’s bottom line and get more value in their bets.

Maximise Increased Promotions in Sportsbooks

Many online sports betting sites see the Kentucky Derby as a great way to get new users to sign up. One of the ways that they encourage new bettors is by offering a large range of promotions.

An example of special offers to look out for is bet credit. This promotion is awarded to new users and usually matches the bettor’s opening deposit. This bet credit can be used for betting on horse races to help boost one’s bankroll.

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