Arbitrage Betting Guide

Arbitrage is a sports betting method derived from the business sector. This approach includes placing repeated bets on the same game, like in an online casino Singapore to ensure a profit. An opportunity to arbitrage for a game is more about earning money than betting and rooting on a particular team.

Arbitrage is a profitable sports betting technique that can be utilized in online gambling Singapore. Finding an arbitrage opportunity requires time and effort. This kind of gambling is not for everyone, but all sports bettors might benefit from this tool as part of their betting strategy.

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What is Arbitrage? 

In the financial sector, arbitrage is regarded as the simultaneous purchase and selling of an item to benefit from an imbalance in the price. It is a trade that gains on price disparities between identical or comparable financial assets traded on various marketplaces.

Arbitrage works in the same way for sports gamblers. This betting technique is betting on all conceivable outcomes of a single game or event to assure a profit regardless of the winner.

How to Utilize Arbitrage in Sports Betting

Arbitrage betting aims to uncover inefficiencies in the sports betting market and benefit from them. Sportsbooks often set odds to have equal or nearly even money gambled on both sides. There are occasions when sportsbooks have conflicting odds, which creates a chance to arbitrage a game.

Arbitrage betting involves betting on various outcomes of a single sporting event. One of the bets will be successful, while the other will be unsuccessful. If done correctly, the bettor will gain a modest amount regardless of which side wins.

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Arbitrage Math and Outcomes

Below is an example to demonstrate how to arbitrate a game:

Team 1 vs. Team 2

Team 1: +110 at Sportsbook 1

Team 2:  +110 at Sportsbook 2

In this scenario, a bet of $100 is placed on each team. The total stakes for this game will be $200. Regardless of which side wins the game, the bettor will get $110 for a successful wager and the initial $100 for $210.

This game had a total stake of $200, with a $210 guaranteed return regardless of who wins. This investment yielded a total profit of $10. This is a 5% guaranteed return suitable for a short-term investment.

If a bettor is willing to risk more than $200, the return will stay the same. Winnings over time might help a gambler increase their bankroll. In the above example, the rate of return is 5% regardless of the amount wagered.

The bettor will earn more if they can discover a higher moneyline spread. For example, if a money line of +120 is offered on both sides of the game above, the bettor will make $20 on the same $200 stake. It equates to a 10% return on investment.


Arbitrage betting is a gambling technique that entails betting on all potential outcomes of an event to ensure a profit. This may be accomplished by making bets with various or the same betting business. Arbitrage bettors compute the correct combination of odds and bets, arbitrage possibilities, to ensure profit.

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