Beginner’s Guide: Different Betting Systems to Use in Online Casinos

There have been many strategies and gambling systems developed over the years. Some of these strategies have been well-known and are being used by gamblers around the globe. Understanding the differences between each betting system is an excellent first step to winning since the differences between systems can be confusing to beginners. 

This article will discuss some of the most common systems used in playing different casino games. Increase your chances of winning as you read the different betting systems below. 



Martingale System


Martingale is used primarily in casino games that offer even-money bets. This system can be used on outside bets at the roulette table, such as odd and even. You can use it on the pass or not pass bets at the blackjack table and baccarat. It can also be used in sports betting for even money bets.

This system is straightforward. There are only two rules.

RULE 1- Every time you lose, double your stake

RULE 2– After every win, go back to the first stake

Let’s take, for example, the Martingale method to play roulette. The base stake unit is $5, and you place a bet on odd every time. The initial wager you make would be $5 on odd numbers. If an odd number were revealed, you would keep your stake at $5. You need to double your stake to $10 if an even number was presented. You’d get double your stake if an even number were again given. You’d have $20.

This principle states that doubling up will allow you to win more and still make a profit. This is how it works in practice.


Once a gambler wins, they must go back to their initial stake. It doesn’t matter how many losses you have in a row or what your base unit is. When you win a wager, the system will guarantee that you always make a profit from one betting unit.

The Reverse Martingale System

This system works in the same way as the Martingale, except that it is a positive progression system. After you win a hand or spin, your bet will increase. Once you lose a bet, you go back to your initial bet.

This betting strategy ensures that your bankroll grows exponentially if you win. On the other hand, you risk losing a lot after losing one round.


It’s basically a modified Martingale, which doesn’t need as many wins to make a bigger bankroll.

It would help if you decided when you will end the progression when using the Reverse Martingale strategy. The cycle is automatically reset after a loss, so it’s better to stop before getting into a bad losing streak. If you are on a losing streak, an end to the progression will reduce losses.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is a negative progression system that increases stakes after losing bets. It was created to be used at the roulette table, specifically with the even-money outside wagers like red, black, odd, or even. You can use it with other even money in other casino games like baccarat. You can also try it on sports betting and blackjack.

Gamblers start with a sequence of numbers like 1-2-3. The sum of the numbers chosen for the sequence is equals the potential profit so a 1-2-3 sequence is equals $6 of profit. The gambler must stake the total sum of the first and last numbers of the sequence. If they lose, the gambler starts over and their bet becomes the last number of the sequence. If they win, the two numbers are crossed out of the sequence.


When there is only one number left in the sequence, the bettors wager only that amount and they can end the sequence once they win. If the bettor won their $3 bet based on the table above, the sequence is over and they profited $6.

Although it is like the Martingale, a negative progression system that uses multiple wins, the Labouchere doesn’t attempt to recover all losses from one win. It focuses on recovering losses through multiple wins.

D’Alembert System

Apart from being commonly used to place even money bets at a roulette table, the D’Alembert method can also be used to place any other even money bet. The theory behind it is that even money bets should have an equilibrium. It is based on the idea that you should win an approximately equal number of even-money bets than you lose. It works by assuming that red will appear approximately the same amount of times as black in a session playing roulette.

Below is a brief guide of how the system works.


The D’Alembert method can benefit players who are lucky enough to win but can also lead to significant losses after a bad losing streak. Although it’s less risky than the Martingale, it doesn’t allow you to recover all your losses by placing just one winning wager.

Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci system will usually be used when money bets at the casino. Roulette players often use it to place outside bets such as odd or even, red, or black, odd, or even. It can be used by Craps players on the pass and don’t pass wagers. You can use it to play baccarat, or even for blackjack or sports betting wagers if you want to try.

The sequence starts with a zero, then a one. Each subsequent number is the sum of the two previous numbers. The first fifteen numbers can be repeated indefinitely.


Before implementing the system, you must decide how much money you will stake per unit. You can stake any amount, but it should be small to the total amount of money you are gambling with. We recommend keeping it at 2% and no higher than 5%.

Then, you will need to follow these steps for your stake when using $10 as one unit.

  • Bet $10 (1)
  • After losing the first bet, move one number forward in the sequence and bet $10 (1)
  • After losing the second bet, move one number forward in the sequence and bet $20 (2)
  • After winning the third bet, go back two numbers back in the sequence and bet $10 again (1)
  • Whenever you win your bet when still in the first numbers of the sequence, you continue betting one unit of the first number of the sequence until you lose. The Fibonacci system is useful to regain after a bad losing streak.


Many betting systems operate in cycles and are meant to improve a gambler’s chances of making a profit. Effectively using betting systems requires you to not only reviewing the systems to know how they work but also to know where and when they can be used. After understanding the betting systems, it’s important to use them in a reputable SG online casino.

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