Beginner’s Guide: What is a Positive Progression Betting System?


One of the biggest thrills in online betting is trying different games and placing bets that you have never sampled before and the potential of winning big with a reliable method, which is the biggest tip for any bettors. 

Betting systems are structured ways of placing bets that help bettors win more often or lose less often. Betting systems usually involve raising or lowering the size of one’s bets based on what happened on their previous bets. Some betting systems have bettors raise the size of their bet when they lose, while other betting systems have bettors increase the size of their bet when they are on a winning streak. 

Betting systems serve as a guide for when a bettor should change the size of their bet and how much. Many experienced bettors swear by betting systems as some prefer the systematic and strategic approach that it offers to betting. One type of betting system that bettors should be familiar with is the positive progression betting system.


What is a Progressive Betting System?

Progressive betting systems are used for gambling strategies that use math to help determine your next bet. The concept of progressive betting has been around for quite a while. Progressive betting systems provide bettors with a template from which to place an upcoming bet to control how they place their bets.
Progressive betting systems can be used in online betting Singapore, such as online slots, roulette, or sports betting. The main principle of a progressive betting system involves starting with a fixed pot and fixed wager amount and following a betting pattern depending on the outcome of the different bets. The opposite of a progressive betting system is a fixed betting system wherein a bettor place the same bet amount each time.
What is the Positive Progression Betting System?
A positive progression betting system is one of the most popular betting systems among many bettors, and it is generally suitable for smaller profits. A positive progression system entails increasing the size of a bet with each win and decreasing the size of a bet with each loss. Although it may seem easy at first glance, it is pretty tricky and challenging because it is hard to predict when and where the next lucky streak will be.
This system allows you to effectively re-bet your previous win while keeping your balance intact and untouched. When using positive progressive betting system, you start to decrease your stake once you begin to lose a win.
Many players will stop after a few wins in a row so that they can “bank” the winnings and begin again with more money and a more significant balance. Doing so allows you to grow your pot with less risks.
The essence of the positive progression betting system consists of gradually increasing a bet amid a lucky streak and then slowly decreasing it when you lose the lucky streak. It is a preferred betting system for many bettors because one won’t likely lose multiple times in a row while playing a one-sided baccarat strategy or red or black on online casino roulette Singapore.
One of the most common examples of positive progression betting system is the Paroli betting system, wherein a bettor needs to establish a base bet or the initial stake. After every win in a Paroli betting system, a bettor increases their stake with the same amount of the bet that they have established. If a bettor loses the round, they must return to the original stake. 
The simplicity of the Paroli betting system is one of the reasons why it is common among bettors as it helps in  maximizing payouts; when a bettor loses, they return to their initial stake.
Besides the Paroli System, another example of a positive progression betting system is the Reverse Martingale System, or also known as the Anti-Martingale where a bettor increases the size the size of the bet after each win. This betting system ensures that a bettor gets large profits on a long winning streak. Sports bettors will see more examples of positive progression systems when testing out different betting systems.
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What is the Difference Between a Positive and Negative Progression Betting System?


A negative progression system differs from positive progression because negative progression involves increasing wagers when a bettor is losing. Negative progression is riskier because a bettor places bigger bets during losing streaks. Many bettors shy away from a negative progression betting system because it goes against the typical logic of being aversive to significant risks. 

In a negative progressive system, a gambler invests a lot of money on every wager, hoping they will succeed against higher odds. If they follow this strategy the entire time, however, they can spend a lot of money quickly. A negative progression system is typically not recommended for bettors who do not have sufficient experience or those that are tight on budget.


Advantages of Positive Progression Betting System


One of the advantages of a positive progression betting system is that it allows bettors to bet safely without being involved in possibly significant losses through their betting experience. It is particularly effective in terms of the psychological aspect as it gives the bettor peace of mind, leading to better decision-making in crucial moments. 

Another advantage of a positive progression betting system is how it rewards winning streaks. A string of excellent and informed decisions in betting helps in increasing profit. All a bettor needs to do is choose a fixed starting rate that does not change no matter the amount of winning streaks.




For many bettors, especially beginners, a positive progression betting system is much more attractive as it allows them to keep costs down. A positive progression betting system only puts the potential profit at stake and not one’s actual money on the table in Singapore betting, especially if a bettor hits a long winning streak. However, if a bettor encounters a losing streak in betting, losses will be kept to a minimum. 

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