Best Betting Markets for Beginners

Instead of relying solely on beginner’s luck, there are other reliable ways for beginners to win money in sports betting and get consistent profit returns. Bettors can  get into sports betting and explore plenty of lucrative offers and available betting markets.

Beginners can learn about the numerous sports betting markets that they can explore in Singapore betting sites. Sports such as football have many lucrative betting markets due to numerous matches held daily with multiple markets per match.

Understanding the different betting markets is one step that beginners can take in achieving consistent returns from Singapore betting. Bettors can take advantage of some popular betting markets, especially when planning to try their hand on parlays.  simple and easy betting markets, mainly because they are easier to win than other betting markets. Betting on 2, 3, or 4-leg parlays using simpler betting markets can be a suitable option for beginners. However, longer-legged parlays are not advisable for beginners because it can be more difficult to win them, mainly because one loss results in losing the entire bet.

To win in sports betting, it is crucial to develop strategies and the capability to make assessments before placing a bet. Having reliable information about the available betting markets and football betting strategy can help in increasing chances of winning.  



Due to its simplicity, the 1×2 or moneyline betting market is among the most popular betting markets for sports bettors. In a win-draw-win, a match would have to end in a home win, away win, or a draw in the first 90 minutes of the game to determine whether the bettor wins. If a bettor bets on a draw and wins, they can enjoy the rest of the game as both the teams continue to attempt to win in during the extra time.

Online Betting casino | Junebet66 SG

Singapore Pools 1X2 soccerodds for a match between Everton and Crystal Palace.

This betting market is a simple one, which gives bettors a more manageable time predicting the game’s outcome and giving them a better chance of winning.


The over/under betting market is another common betting market where bettors place their bets over or under 2.5 since it is common and the easiest to guess for many matches. In this betting market, the bettor has to hope that either two points at most or three points at least are made in a particular game, depending on what they bet on.

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Singapore Pools Over/Under 2.5 soccer odds for a match between Everton and Crystal Palace.

However, the odds in this betting market tend to depend on the teams playing in the game, which leads to varied odds. The odds in the over/under betting market tend to be close to each other. Even though this is the case, bettors can have an advantage in this market as long as they have a good grasp on the game’s outcome.



The odd/even betting market is similar to the over/under betting market as the final score is the only basis, wherein the bet will be whether the final score will be an odd number or an even number. Sports bettors can treat the betting market with a 50/50 chance of winning, especially since 

Odd/Even Betting | Junebet66 SG

M8Bet’s Full Time Odd/Even soccer odds for a match between SC Sagamihara vs Yokohama SCC.


Draw No Bet Market

Although the odds for this type of betting market can be low, it can be a good choice for beginners in sports betting. In a draw no bet market, bettors place bets on the outcome of a sports event, and a bet becomes void if neither team wins the match. A draw no bet market decreases the chances of losing money, making it an attractive betting market for careful bettors and beginners.

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WS Sports’ Win to Nil or Draw No Bet soccer odds for a match between Melbourne Knights and Dandenong City SC.

Double Chance

In a double chance betting market, bettors can have more security as they choose between two match outcomes. Bettors can choose a home win or draw, away win or draw, or home win or away win, giving two opportunities for their selection to be successful.

Double Chance Betting | Junebet66 SG

CMDBet’s Double Chance soccer odds for a match between Melbourne Knights and Dandenong City SC.

However, the downside to this betting market is that they have lower odds because of the added security. But one way to make a substantial profit in this betting market is using this in an accumulator market.


Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

The Both Teams To Score market is one market that has soared over the last few years. The concept of the BTTS market is simple, where bettors need to choose a game where they think both teams will score at any time of the game. The result of the match is irrelevant as the bet only relies on the both teams either scoring one goal each during the game or not. The appeal of the BTTS betting market is that bettors do not need to pick the result of the game to win.

Team Score Betting | Junebet66 SG

Singapore Pools Will Both Teams Score or Both Teams To Score soccer odds for a match between Everton and Crystal Palace.

First Half/Half Time Versions of Markets

If betting on the entire match is still hard for certain bettors, even when using easier goal-based markets where bettors don’t need to guess which team will win, they can try betting on the First Half or Half Time results. Bettors also won’t have to wait for the entire match to end to see whether they won or not.

Both Singapore Pools and several sportsbooks typically offer some sort of First Half or Half Time versions of certain betting markets to either give bettors more of a challenge or to make things easier. For example, Singapore Pools’ odds for the EPL match between Everton and Crystal Palace are higher in the Half Time 1X2 market compared to the regular 1X2 market.

Betting in the Half Time version may be profitable for bettors who want to bet that Crystal Palace scores at least one goal in the first half while Everton scores nothing. Everton can still win should it happen as long as they outscore Palace on the second half. Crystal Palace may win the first half only for Everton to win the match.

Aside from the odds, the First Half and Half Time versions of the betting markets work the same as their regular counterparts. Below are some examples of available First Half betting markets offered by Singapore Pools and sportsbooks.

1st and Halftime | Junebet66 SG

Several Singapore Pools soccer odds for various Half Time betting markets.

Event Betting | Junebet66 SG

Several CMDBet soccer odds featuring Full Time and First Half 1X2 markets and the Double Chance market for several J-League Division 1 Matches.

Betting Odds | Junebet66 SG

Several CMDBet soccer odds for a few First Half betting markets.

Of all the markets mentioned above, it’s advisable to avoid even the First Half versions of the Correct Score/Pick The Score/PTS and Exact Total Goals since they’re still difficult to guess properly. Opting for the Total Goal market as shown by CMDBet is more forgivable since it allows bettors to bet on a certain range of scores.


It is crucial to learn how to develop a keen eye in recognizing such situations in online sports betting where there are opportunities and capitalize on them with different betting markets. Picking the suitable betting market for you, regularly doing research, and improving your understanding of the market can bring you the most profits in the long run.

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