Blackjack Player Options and Side Bets You Can Take For Higher Profits

Many casino players enjoy card games like blackjack in online casino Singapore because it offers them a thrilling and challenging experience. Blackjack is a card game between participants and a dealer in which the aim is to create a hand closer to 21 without going over the dealer’s hand. To succeed, participants must strategically wager and make decisions.

Blackjack can be played in online casino games for monetary gain. Skilful players who understand Blackjack player options and side bets can make them take higher profits.

Continue reading this article to learn what Blackjack player options and side bets you can utilize when playing online gambling Singapore that will benefit you.

What are the Blackjack Player Options?

The blackjack player options guide you on which move to take to optimise your wins. It suggests what to do depending on your hand and the card shown by the dealer. It also increases your flexibility as a player when playing a hand. Proper utilisation of common blackjack player options like hitting, standing, doubling, splitting, and surrendering gives you a huge advantage over the casino.


You have the option to accept at least one additional card if you are unhappy with the number of cards you have been given by requesting a “hit.” You will receive your “hit” card by card.

After receiving a card, you decide whether to “hit” again by calculating your total. You can still ask for a “hit” if your total, including the third card, does not exceed 21.


You “stand” when you do not wish to receive additional cards after receiving your first two or any time after a “hit”. With this, you will no longer receive cards, and the dealer will begin to play out their hand.


You may “double” or “double-down” if you believe your initial two-card hand is strong enough and worthy of increasing the stakes. As a player, you may “double” on the first two cards, except when dealt a Blackjack or after splitting two cards.

Suppose you choose to “double-down” in an online casino Singapore. In that case, you must place an additional wager equal to or greater than the initial wager before receiving one additional card. 


When the first two cards of a hand have the same value, you, as a player, may “split” the hand and must place an additional wager equal to the initial wager. You may “split” up to two times to create a maximum of three hands, except when “splitting” aces, which may only be “split” once to create two hands, and only one additional card is dealt to each ace.


After obtaining the first two cards, players have the option to “surrender” their hand and forfeit half of their initial wager. When the dealer’s card is an ace, “surrendering” is not allowed.

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What are the Blackjack Side Bets?

Side bets are wagers that can be set and used in online casino Singapore in addition to the primary wager in Blackjack. These bets provide variation to the game and keep you entertained for a longer time. Knowing how side bets work is crucial before putting any money down. This is because they offer larger rewards than the primary wager but also carry greater risk. Comprehending the probabilities of winning is also helpful in having more chances of success. Also, proper employment of blackjack side bets can make an additional income.

21+3 Blackjack

In the 21+3 Blackjack side bets, you wager whether the first two cards in your hand and the dealer’s up card will create one of the three-card poker hands when combined.

21+3 requires one of the following three-card combinations:

·         Flush – three cards of identical suit

Pay-out: 5/1

·         Straight – three consecutively numbered playing cards. Aces can be either high or low.

Pay-out: 10/1

·         Three-of-a-kind – all three cards must have the same number or face value

Pay-out: 30/1

·         Blackjack straight flush – three consecutive cards of the same suit

Pay-out: 40/1

·         Suited three of a kind – all of the three cards must be of the same number and suit

Pay-out: 100/1 

You place your wager prior to receiving your cards. If the combination of your first two cards and the dealer’s up card results in one of these five hands, you win your 21+3 Blackjack wager. If not, you forfeit your side bet stake. The amount you win depends on the three-card hand you get, with each hand paying different odds.

Perfect Pairs

It is a side bet in which the player wagers that the first two cards dealt to them form a pair, with three distinct varieties of pairs paying out at varying odds. A pair is two cards with the same numerical value or the same face value.

Three different types of pairs:

·         Mixed pair – same number or face card value, different suit and colour

Pay-out: 5/1

·         Coloured pair – same number or face card value, same colour, different suit

Pay-out: 10/1

·         Perfect pair – same number or face card value, same colour, same suit

Pay-out: 30/1

Lucky Ladies

If you have placed a Lucky Ladies wager, you will only receive an incentive pay-out if the total value of your first two cards is 20.

The pay-out you will receive depends on the specific cards comprising our total:

·         If dealt any two unsuited cards totalling 20 points, the pay-out is 4 to 1.

·         Any suit totalling 20 is paid out at odds of 9 to 1.

·         Identical cards, which are the same rank and suit, totalling 20 points, are 19 to 1 pay-out.

·         When two queens of hearts are dealt, the pay-out is 125 to 1.

·         When two queens of hearts and the dealer have Blackjack, there will be a pay-out of 1,000 to 1.


Many expert casino players and even beginners love playing Blackjack because of its easy rules and objectives. In addition, numerous Blackjack player options are one of the game’s most appealing features. Hitting, standing, doubling, splitting, and surrendering are some Blackjack player options commonly available to participants. 

Besides the primary game of blackjack, side bets are optional additional wagers that players can make at the outset of each round. A side bet is more of a game of chance than skill. It involves predicting the cards a player or the dealer will receive in the current round. Side bets are optional bets that can be placed in addition to the main bets.

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