Casino Singapore betting strategy for 2021

Casino Singapore Betting Strategy

Gambling is such a game that must be prevailing over 300 years. There are thousands of websites, books, and stats which point to the various gambling strategies that work in real life. And, all come to the same conclusion that is- there are no other best Gambling strategies or plans out there.

Successful Strategies

For many years, mathematicians and players haves tested and find various ways to conquer the statistical chances in the game of betting. Many of them have suggested various betting systems and gave alternative solutions but in the end most of the betting strategies gone vain and didn’t resulted in anything.

Today, you have not only a single system, even there are six other systems from which you can choose. These systems are practiced in real life and worked. They are as follows:-

  • Martingale
  • D’Alembert
  • James Bond
  • Labouchere
  • Reverse Martingale
  • Fibonacci

Progressive Gambling Betting Systems

The very first strategy we are going to read about is the Progressive gambling betting system. They are very simple to understand and this strategy is mostly used by new players.


This strategy will tell you that you have to bet a unit and then let it double after every loss. Let’s assume that you are playing over a table having $2,000 gambling limit and $1 is the minimum bet size, so if you lose 11 times continuously, then it would be like this:-


If you lose continuously 11 times then it’s not possible to happen, but there are still very few chances that it would happen. Martingale also lets you register a Cumulative profit OF about $1 per winning bet, so must have to keep patience while playing.


The second most popular strategy is Fibonacci. it is such a mathematical sequence that we can find in our surroundings. Hence, strategy might look more complicated to understand, but it’s just like Martiangle, a sequence of numbers you have to follow consistently. Here is an example:


This strategy must seem to be a little risky in comparison to Martiangle, but here is a little secret: it isn’t. Fibonacci is such sort of Gambling strategy with you must stick around, if you want to play safe.

Inverse Martingale or Paroli

Another famous Betting strategy is Inverse Martingale, which is also known as Paroli. Under this strategy, you can double your bet amount after every winning, which will let you play slightly safer than the traditional ones.

This gambling strategy is considered to be best for the outside bets, as you need the most possible chances to win, 50% of them must be with outside bets. Today, there are various versions of the game, like- American, which might have a little steeper edge, so you should look at this strategy as well.

No other guide of gambling strategy would be ever complete without discussing D’Alembert. D’Alembert is another popular strategy, which a player might use while playing a gambling game and increase his/her winning chances.

First, you should select a betting unit, rather than betting on flat amounts. When you choose the bit amount then it must be around 0.50% of your total bankroll as it must fit the minimum limit of betting. Then you have to increase or decrease your bet by a single unit which depends on whether you win or lose. For instance,

  • Round first       –         Bet first           –         Victory
  • Round second  –         Bet first          –         Fail
  • Round third     –         Bet second       –         Fail
  • Round fourth  –         Bet third           –         Fail
  • Round fifth     –         Bet fourth        –         Victory
  • Round sixth      –         Bet third          –         Fail
  • Round seventh –         Bet fourth        –         Fail
  • Round eighth  –          Bet fifth          –         Victory
  • Round ninth    –          Bet fourth        –         Victory

The above one is a single way to understand D’Alembert and its policy is very simple – grow slowly whether up or down.

You can take D’Alembert to minimum-limit tables too.

What’s the Most Profitable Gambling Strategy?
The most profitable strategy will be decided based on how many times you have won. It’s a personal experience, as it involves which strategy you consider what your bet amount, and how much you have spent over it. The core thing is, all gambling strategies that we have discussed above will only work or be worthwhile when you put your betting game to the casino.