Common Roulette Myths and Misconceptions

Roulette is one of the most prominent casino games for many bettors. The most common reason for its popularity is that it is relatively easy to understand and play. Moreover, the odds for a table roulette casino are generally favourable for players.

The roulette game online casino as we know it traces its history that dates back to the 19th century. Since it’s been around for quite a while, understanding how to win at roulette must be clarified. Continue reading about debunking the common myths and misconceptions about roulette as a table casino game.

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Myth 1: There is Only One Type of Roulette

Only a few bettors know roulette has several versions and not just one. There is the standard American version wherein the number range is from 1 to 36 with 0 and 00 markings on the wheel.

However, there is also European roulette, widely known as single zero roulette, which offers better odds than American Roulette. Gamblers have more options to win in European Roulette due to the single zero. To be precise, the house edge in European Roulette is 2.70 percent, while the American roulette house edge is 5.26 percent.

Besides European Roulette and American Roulette, French Roulette is less common than the other versions of the table casino game. French roulette is considered one of the first casino games to exist in France.

Another variation of roulette is multi-wheel roulette, which features roulette wheels used simultaneously. Bettors can play on different wheels at a time, and choosing how many wheels to play on depends on the bettor. 

With multi-wheel roulette, bettors have more chances of winning the game with multiple wheels. The multi-wheel roulette also increases the odds of bettors winning a big prize.

Myth #2 The Roulette Wheel Is Rigged

One of the most common misconceptions about roulette as a table casino game is that the roulette wheel is rigged. The myth arose from numerous famous movie scenes wherein magnets are used in modifying the roulette wheel, which is untrue.

The complaints that roulette is rigged come from regulars in land-based casinos who are suspicious of online gambling and the players that have experienced a losing streak, especially one that involves a strange sequence of roulette numbers.

Myth #3 It Is Possible To Beat Roulette Consistently

Unlike other casino games like blackjack and poker involving skill and strategy elements, roulette is considered a game of chance. While anyone who learns how to play roulette can beat the roulette wheel in the short term, generating reliable profits is regarded as the test.

Using specific techniques to place bets on the roulette wheel can help make better decisions. In roulette, there is no right or wrong technique to adopt since the game mainly depends on luck.

Some bettors believe using betting systems or spotting biases can help them overcome the house edge. However, the probability of beating roulette consistently is impossible due to the presence of the house edge. The same information is accurate for betting games bettors can play in casinos. No technique in any casino game can always guarantee winning results. However, these techniques and strategies can help increase the chances of winning in casino games.

Myth #4: Bettors Can Use Recent Spins to Predict Future Results In Roulette

This myth is also known as the Gambler’s Fallacy, which is based on the belief that the patterns that occur in games involving chance can be spotted and put to good use.

Some roulette players think that a sequence of five reds in a row makes black more likely to win due to the pattern they have noticed. Some mathematicians have fallen into a similar trap, believing that the roulette wheel can eventually find an equilibrium or natural balance of reds and blacks in the game.

However, the human brain as we know it is predisposed to recognize patterns and create narratives for random events. The human brain cannot handle the possibility that the world around us can be spontaneous and disconnected, so we build stories that make sense of disconnectedness and randomness. While it is acceptable to be fascinated and entertained by roulette results, it cannot be used to predict future outcomes in the game correctly.

Myth #5: Roulette Has Luck Numbers

The basic concept of playing roulette is that bettors can either win or lose by betting on a certain number or a range of numbers. However, a problem arises when bettors begin to believe that roulette has lucky numbers that would guarantee a win for bettors if they stick to it. It can be a highly problematic myth, especially because every number on the roulette wheel is equally likely to win.

Betting on specific numbers, called hot and called numbers, is a strategy adopted by some bettors who play roulette. Hot numbers are said to appear more often than cold numbers. While it is interesting to personalize numbers on a roulette wheel by rating how often they win in roulette games, hot and cold numbers are equal in the eyes of the wheel.


The common myths and misconceptions regarding roulette are developed as it continues to rise in popularity throughout the years. While the rules in the game can vary based on its versions, the essential thing in roulette is that the same numbers never come up more than once during a spin. In the long term, no surefire technique would always work, but some methods can help bettors improve their odds of success in roulette.

It is crucial to always practice responsible and safe gambling when playing, especially in roulette. It can be helpful to employ an effective bankroll system for money management and to keep one’s gambling expenses in check when sitting at a casino roulette table.

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