Debunking Common Misconceptions About Online Casinos

.Online casinos have long been the subject of numerous misconceptions and myths that are circling. Some people spread rumours about anything, and a live casino online is no exception.

Despite the number of people participating in an online live casino Singapore, several misconceptions and myths about it persist. Misconceptions about anything can be dangerous.

However, it is understandable that some bettors could be wary or unsure about partaking in online gambling and online casino Singapore, given the different misconceptions being spread about it. Read on to debunk the common misconceptions about online casinos so one can go into their next gambling experience more assured and armed with verifiable knowledge.

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Misconception #1: Online Casinos Are Rigged and Not Fair

The first and most pervasive misconception about online casinos is that they are unfair and rigged. Some users assume that an online casino is less valid than a real casino and that they will be scammed.

Many online casino users typically believe that the casino operator rigs online casino games to increase user losses. However, online casinos use the same casino games and play styles found in physical casinos, using software to simulate a game in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The truth is that all casinos have a slight advantage over the gamblers playing casino games. The house always wins, and there is no need for a fix. Casinos with a good reputation among gamblers can attract more and generate profit, so it is also in their interest not to rig casino games against gamblers.

Online casinos use RNGs or random number generators to ensure a fair gambling experience for gamblers. RNGs generate a random number to identify what card a player will draw or how the slot machine will work, which is safer than a deck of physical cards that can be manipulated.

Misconception #2: Gambling Websites Are Not Secure

Many gamblers also assume that gambling sites are less secure than their real-world counterparts. It may be because some players do not trust something if they cannot see it, as some are more likely to trust something they can touch and feel than intangible things such as the internet.

Online casinos are safe and secure as those that are licensed to operate have proper encryption. Online casinos also want to protect themselves with regulations that help guarantee users a safe and secure betting experience.

Misconception #3: Online Casino Games Can Be Isolation or Less Enjoyable For Gamblers

Some people think online casino gambling can be isolating and absorbing for individuals. If a gambler is playing casino games through their smart devices at home, some automatically assume they are playing independently without any social circle.

It is untrue due to the availability of live streams and chat platforms in online casino platforms. These features of online casinos can allow gamblers to interact with other players and have an enjoyable and profitable gambling experience. It does not necessarily have to be isolated since the internet can connect people with others with just a simple click of a button.

Misconception #4: Gamblers Can Only Win In Online Casinos During Certain Hours

One of the strange rumors spreading online is that gamblers can only win money in online casinos during particular hours of the day. The origin of such a rumor is unfounded since any game a gambler plays in a casino has clear rules on how much money a bettor can win while playing the game.

Games in online casinos are typically not governed by peak hours. Many physical casinos have peak hours that can affect how much money a player can win, not whether a player can win at all.

Misconception #5: Autoplay In An Online Casino Is Rigged

Numerous online casinos have an autoplay feature, allowing players to have automated rounds in playing casino games. With autoplay, gamblers can play a casino game without manually hitting the spin button after every completed game round.

Some assume the online casino will try to rip them off because they are not present while the autoplay is turned on. This assumption is simply untrue. While it is true that autoplay is a feature that gamblers must use with precaution, it is not rigged against them at all. Gamblers are just as likely to win while playing autoplay as manually playing the game themselves.

Misconception #6: Gamblers Can Only Play For Real Money In Online Casinos

The idea that gamblers can only play for real money in online casinos is another prevalent misconception that is circling. While it is true that most online casinos operate and encourage gamblers to play with real money, some online casinos provide gamblers the chance to play for free.

Some online casinos allow gamblers free play as a casino bonus and promotion that one can use. Gamblers can have a casino bonus such as free play wherein they can try out whether they enjoy playing the casino game without risking any of their money. Free play is an excellent opportunity to see a casino and try its different games without spending money initially.

Misconception #7: Online Casino Gambling Can Create More Addiction

Gambling can become addictive for some players. Gambling addiction is a serious matter that must be handled with caution. In severe cases, it may need immediate treatment. Gambling addiction is a topic that online casinos must take seriously. Online gambling does not bring a particular type of addiction for players, but it can become an issue just like any other vice.


Numerous misconceptions about online casinos are entrenched in some people’s minds because of the nature of the internet, where false information can spread just as quickly as accurate information. Messages move fast on the internet; some can make immediate judgments about something without knowing all the information beforehand.

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