Debunking Different Myths About Sports Betting

Many perceive online sports betting as risky since it is much easier to lose than to win when placing wagers. Due to the high chances of losing, many beliefs about sports betting have surfaced, which dissuade people from participating in the betting industry.

Aside from popular beliefs, many sports bettors believe in myths, which could be why they’re losing a lot of money when betting through an SG sportsbook. Whereas consumers hear stories about people losing a lot of money in sports betting, they are more inclined to be dubious of the industry. In reality, people are losing a lot of money because they believe in various fallacies that cost them money.

Winning in sports betting all comes down to getting the correct information and processing it effectively through strategies. A lot of misleading information about Singapore betting tends to circulate online, but don’t worry; we will debunk some of the most popular sports betting myths.


Sports betting

Myth #1: Sports Fans can Easily Win in Sports Betting

Many casual sports bettors began as sports enthusiasts who wanted to do more than cheer for their favourite teams. Sports enthusiasts looking to place bets believe they are well-equipped with the essential knowledge to win a bet since they have closely followed the status of their favourite teams throughout the years.

In sports betting, the chances of winning are primarily based on one’s methods and decisions as a bettor, not on your love for sports or a particular sports team. Success in betting depends on one’s knowledge of workable methods and betting markets. Being a sports enthusiast does not give someone an edge over bettors who are not sports fans.

Some fans imagine themselves winning big while cheering on their favourite teams, which would be a win-win situation for them. They’ve kept a close eye on their teams and know how excellent they are, but the majority of them are likely betting on instinct and have little knowledge of their opponents.

Betting on a personal favourite team simply because you’re a fan can make you lose money in betting, especially when the odds are stacked against you.

Myth #2: I’m Bound to Win as Long as I Keep Placing Bets

Many average sports bettors think that their luck will change as long as they continue placing bets, even if they are already suffering from a losing streak. Some sports bettors also try placing higher bets to compensate for their losses.

However, losses are frequent in sports betting, especially for casual bettors. People should not count on eventually winning a bet just because they have lost bets many times. It can lead to a dent in one’s wallet and affect one’s budget for betting.

Myth #3: Going with Your Gut is an Effective Betting Strategy

Trusting one’s gut and instinct is a typical move among many casual sports bettors since they usually do not conduct enough research before placing wagers. While taking chances can result in some wins, the problem arises when someone gets greedy and continue to make bets without helpful information on strategies that can work. It can lead the bettor to place more risky bets based alone on luck and one’s instincts.

Myth #4: Sports betting Always Comes Down to Luck

While it is true that chances play a part in sports, nobody can always guess what will happen in a sports event. But long-term success in sports betting and online gambling is dictated by odds and not chances.

The odds you choose, the betting market you bet on, and the betting methods you adopt are mostly the factors that influence your chances of winning. Odds should be seen as probabilities because it is what they represent. Different outcomes can be assigned values for the possibility of each event occurring.

The outcomes of sports events are not simply random and erratic or completely unpredictable most of the time. Professional sports bettors find ways to capitalize on these possibilities and win money.

Myth #5: Momentum is Not a Big Deal

Some sports bettors like to place wagers that go against a team on a winning streak. However, this move can be costly for bettors as they might end up chasing a team for several games before winning a bet. There is often a reason why a team is on a winning streak as momentum and team chemistry also matter on the field.

Myth #6: The Safest Way to Win is to Follow Tipsters

Many casual sports bettors believe that there is a way for individuals to predict which side will win a game and where to make a bet for guaranteed earnings, so they rely on others to decide how they will wager. To aid their betting experiences in hopes of winning money in online betting, some bettors may subscribe to professional tipping services.

The issue with subscribing to tipping services is that bettors must pay for their services when they can conduct their own research. Professional tipsters, like everyone else, have their ups and downs. Over-reliance on their services can leave bettors disappointed over time, as they lose their membership money and their stakes when placing bets.

Myth #7: Online Betting is Not Safe

The perception that online betting is not safe is misleading. Sportsbooks that comply with regulations are definitely safe platforms that one can use to bet on different sports and betting markets.

Myth #8: Betting is Not a Profitable Venture

Like other ventures, sports betting carries some form of risk where you lose some money. But some people certainly do make a living from it. Many people from different parts of the world continue to win money every day as they place bets. With the proper techniques and strategies backed with information about sports betting, you can win wagers and earn money.

Getting lucky on parlays and jackpots can even allow sports bettors to win hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars with only single-digit bets. Several bettors already did get lucky, like Fred Craggs who bet 50p and won £1.4 million on an eight-fold accumulator or Tayla Polia who won $100,000 on a 15-leg NFL parlay.


Sports betting is never simple because it requires rigorous research to know how it works. Even doing so does not guarantee a win; it simply raises your odds of winning.

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