Everything you need to know about Super Bowl Coin Toss

The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game. It marks the end of a season and is the final professional game played until the following season. The champions of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) square off in a winner-take-all game. The NFPL Playoffs, which include seven teams from each conference, determine the champions.

How to Place an Online Super Bowl Bet

There are several bookmakers and Singapore betting sites where you may place wagers. Mobile sports betting sites like online betting Singapore and applications are a popular way to join in on the action quickly, and the procedure is relatively simple.

1. Choose a Sportsbook

Every licensed operator offers NFL bettors Super Bowl activity. But choose the top sportsbooks where you can obtain competitive odds, a wide range of betting markets, and various intriguing promotions to enhance your experience.

2. Create an Account

It is necessary first to create a player account. You may do so immediately online or by downloading the appropriate mobile app.

3. Put a Deposit

Since you will be placing real money bets, you must fund your account using any offered payment options on the site.

4. Go to Super Bowl Betting

Sportsbooks will generally include a Super Bowl section under NFL.

5. Choose Your Betting Option

There are several marketplaces to choose from; you may review the options and decide which bet to place. Your selection will be shown when a bet slip is opened.

6. Enter your Stake

Select your bet amount and put it in the relevant area of your bet slip. Ensure you gamble responsibly by only making bets you can afford to lose.

7. Place Bet

Double-check your choices, stake, and possible returns before placing the bet.

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What is Super Bowl Coin Toss

In addition, the major event of the NFL season offers a wide range of strange and fantastic betting opportunities. While Super Bowl coin toss betting is completely random, it has become one of the most popular Super Bowl bets.

The coin toss is one of the most renowned Super Bowl prop bets, so much so that a specially minted coin is used, with both teams showing on the tails side and the venue and year appearing on the heads side.

The Super Bowl coin toss has grown so important that a nominated celebrity has flipped it every year since 1978. This has increased the spectacle of the coin toss. The Super Bowl coin toss ceremony occurs around three minutes before the game begins.

What does it mean to win the Coin Toss?

The referee validates the call mid-toss after the chosen team picks heads or tails during the Super Bowl coin toss. This assures that everything is understood – a rule modification from the 1998 Thanksgiving Day game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions.

Referee Phil Luckett heard Steelers running back Jerome Bettis declare heads on that occasion, although Bettis insists he called tails. As the coin landed tails up, Luckett gave possession to the Lions, who went on to win the game, permanently changing the coin toss regulations.

The team that wins the Super Bowl coin toss can receive the ball or choose which side they want to start the game on.

Before the early 2000s, it was assumed that beginning with the ball was preferable. The argument is that starting the game on an attacking drive is preferable, with the possibility of an early confidence-boosting touchdown. This indicated that the default option had been to receive. Nevertheless, it has become evident that a slight advantage will be gained by beginning with the ball in the second half. Therefore, deferring is now the conventional decision.

What does it mean to defer the Coin Toss?

To begin the game, the side that wins the coin toss chooses whether to kick or receive the ball. However, the victorious team often lets the losing team choose that instead.

When the winning team defers that option to the opposing team, they can kick or receive the ball at the start of the second half. Most teams prefer to start the second half with the ball, so they let the other team choose who receives it first.

Yet, this was not always the case. The NFL just began allowing coin-toss winners to defer their selection in 2008. According to ESPN, successful coaches used to choose to receive the ball 99% of the time. But, with the rule change, most coaches routinely defer.

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The Incredible NFC Streak

There is nothing wrong with making fun bets like the Super Bowl coin toss. If you understand that it is completely random and offers low value, keep these concepts in mind if you want to bet for profit.

One of the reasons why the Super Bowl coin toss has attracted gamblers’ attention is because the NFC won 14 straight games from 1998 to 2011 – that is two to the power of 14 or odds of 16,001.00 (+1,600,000). This, along with the NFC’s 65% victory percentage in the Super Bowl coin toss (37/55), has given birth to a common misperception regarding random events like coin tosses; people tend to assume that it is not genuinely random.

When we hear conjecture about the coins being biased, we see a lack of knowledge of probability among the general population. As previously stated, others say this is feasible since they are custom-made for the occasion. Although this is an intriguing story that adds to the excitement of the Super Bowl, it is simply not true.

Who Gets to Call the Coin Toss for the Super Bowl?

The visiting team usually gets to call the coin toss in NFL games. Yet, there is no visiting or home team since the Super Bowl is held at a neutral venue. Instead, the host team rotates each year between the AFC and the NFC.

The NFC hosts this year, while the Philadelphia Eagles are the visitors. It means the Kansas City Chiefs, who play in the AFC, will get to conduct the coin toss this year.


The Super Bowl opens with the flipping of a ceremonial coin, which determines whether the game will begin in the first or second half.

It has also taken on new significance recently, with NFL bettors selecting it as one of their favourite prop bets each year.

A coin toss has a 50% probability of being correctly predicted, and picking one or the other does not give a side an advantage in the game result. But with 56 prior Super Bowls, there is enough data to go back to determine the tendencies of coin tosses in earlier years.

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