Football Betting Guide: What is a 1X2 Bet?

For bettors that are new to sports betting, they can get into sports betting and explore various available offers and different betting markets to try to win money. Besides this, it is also crucial for sports bettors to develop strategies and assessments as they place bets and explore the different betting markets in Singapore betting sites

One of the available betting markets in football betting is the 1×2 betting market, which is among the most popular bets for sports bettors because it is the simplest and the most straightforward betting market. The 1×2 betting market is also heavily used by many professional sports bettors to rake huge winnings in sportsbooks. 

The 1×2 betting market is also known as moneyline betting. Moneyline betting is an American term traditionally associated with betting on major US sports events. In sportsbook betting Singapore, it is widely known as the 1×2 betting market where you win by correctly selecting which team will win a match based on the relevant odds. In the 1×2 betting market, there are three possible outcomes in football betting: home win, away win, or a draw in the first 90 minutes of the game to know whether the bettor wins their bets. 


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How Does the 1×2 Betting Market Work?

The three possible outcomes of a match between two teams are represented by either 1, 2, or X. It means that 1 is for a home win, 2 for an away win, and X for the draw. The 1×2 betting market does not seek to even out any difference in the perceived quality between the team or players, as this betting market aims to reflect the true odds of possible outcomes.

If you place a bet on the home win or 1, and the home team wins, you also win the bet. Meanwhile, if a draw (x) or an away win (2) was the outcome, then you lose the bet. Equally, if you place a bet on the away win, then the away team has to win for you to win the bet. If you bet on a draw, the match must end with both teams having an equal number of goals or a draw for you to win your bet.

Each match outcome has a price against it, which can be calculated as below:

Odds x Stake = Potential Return

While the premise of the 1×2 betting market is relatively simple, the math involved in this betting market can be rather complex. There are always matches wherein one team is vastly superior to the other team. However, the odds are more likely steep on the big favourite, 

which minimises the potential profit on a winning wager. 

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Singapore Pools 1X2 odds for a match between LA Galaxy and Sacramento R

For example, you enter a bet on the match between the home team LA Galaxy and the away team Sacramento R. The odds for each outcome are as follows:

LA Galaxy 1.48

Sacramento R 5.00

Draw 4.10

If the bettor stakes $100 for the home team LA Galaxy and it wins, the total return for the bet would be $148. However, if the bettor wagered $100 for the away team Sacramento R and it wins, the total return would be $500. If the game ends in a draw, the total return for those who placed bets on the draw would be $410.

In the example from Singapore Pools, Sacramento R is the favourite to win the game, while LA Galaxy is the underdog. Regarding the 1×2 betting market, it is crucial to point out that it is determined only in relation to the money being placed as a bet each time. While these numbers will usually align with which team is the actual favourite and the underdog in the match, there are times that it could be different. 

The betting lines are often tweaked up until the bets are closed so sportsbooks can get the right amount of bet on each side of the contest. The pay out or profit that will be gained from the bet will be adjusted depending on how big of a favourite or underdog the team is. The bigger the favourite, the smaller the pay out, and the bigger the underdog, the larger the pay out. 

Why is the 1×2 Betting Market Popular Among Sports Bettors?

The following are some advantages of placing bets on the 1×2 betting market, making it a popular choice for many sports bettors, either experienced or a newbie.

Easy to Use

The 1×2 betting market is straightforward, which is easy to understand, as it only involves picking between the possible outcomes of a sports event. It can be an excellent starting point for bettors learning about sports betting, as the three options for this betting market are very clear.


The 1×2 betting market is also easy to find and readily available in many sportsbooks. It is also usually highlighted on the main page.

Good for Parlay Bets

For bettors who want to put together parlay bets, 1×2 bets is one of the good options to consider. Even though bettors can use anything as a leg for a parlay, a 1×2 betting outcome is easy to work out with or without a bet calculator.



The 1×2 betting market is simple to learn and helps in providing a way to add serious profit to your betting strategy. Despite the simplicity of the 1×2 betting market in its premise, its complexities lie in how it works, as it can take a bit of skill to learn how to maximise profits and minimise losses in sports betting. One key to success in profiting from the 1×2 betting market is understanding what value is and learning how to maximise this value in placing bets. 


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