Football Betting Guide: What is the Both Teams to Score Market?

Football fans have numerous choices and options that they can consider when placing bets in sportsbook betting Singapore. Even amid the options, some of the favourites remain among the top betting markets for football betting, such as the Both Teams To Score betting market.  

The BTTS betting market is famous for several reasons, including that the bet can be alive even to the last kick of the game compared to other wagers like correct score, which can be downed early in the game.

How to Place a BTTS Bet?

In online football betting, a BTTS bet works as bettors must first find or decide which match they want to bet on. The sportsbook will have two options for BTTS: either a yes or a no, and the odds for each option are displayed. Various factors affect the odds of BTTS bets, which include the form of each side, whether they are missing any star attackers, and whether their recent games have seen both teams scoring or not. 


Strategies for BTTS Betting Market


1. Careful Consideration of the Statistics

The BTTS betting market’s first strategy is researching and digging deeper into the statistics to increase their chances of winning their bets.

  • Goals in the last 4-6 matches, which helps in determining and looking for patterns in recent form. This can be used as an indicator of whether the team has been scoring frequently, and how often it has been scoring.
  • BTTS percentage, which is determined by the amount of times the two teams have been involved in a game where both sides have scored. Ideally, it is best to find two teams with a high BTTs percentage.

With these findings from doing research, bettors can use this information to assist in placing bets on the BTTS betting market. It can form the basis of the selection of who to bet on, but it is worth drilling down deeper into past statistics of both teams to get more detailed information, such as checking whether or not the team has been scoring or conceding in their past matches. Bettors can also opt to check and watch other one-on-one games between certain opponents and determine if a pattern appears.


2. Look for high-scoring teams with poor defence

One helpful strategy for the BTTS betting market is through looking at the threshold of the two football teams’ strike rates to see if the match they are in is a good option to bet on both teams scoring. If the strike rate threshold exceeds 100%, it means the match will likely end with both teams scoring. Besides high scoring teams, bettors can also consider checking the teams’ defence. High scoring teams with poor defence are usually ideal options for BTTS betting market as both teams will be conceding more goals in the match.


3. Placing Bets Live

Another alternative strategy in BTTS is being patient until the game starts and placing live bets to take full advantage of the situations happening during the game. It is also known as an in-play bet, wherein bettors are searching for a situation where one team scores and there is a higher opportunity for the other team to score during the game.



Advantages of the Both Teams to Score Betting Market


The BTTS betting market has many benefits and advantages to offer for bettors, such as a high probability of returns on placed bets, the ability to control risk exposure, and simple strategies that bettors can employ when they place their bets. Firstly, the BTTS betting market is suitable for bettors who are unsure of who is going to win the game, as it is only focused on whether both teams will score a goal at some stage during the game or not. 


Placing a bet on the BTTS betting market also helps in saving the stress of predicting the winner of the football match. It only predicts whether the two teams will score against each other in the game within the regulation time. If your prediction is correct, your profit return awaits you.


Besides this, the BTTS betting market also helps keep your bet alive until the end of the match compared to banking on one team to win, which can be risky if they lose by a wide margin. Placing a bet on the BTTS betting market gives assurance even if the team is trailing by ten goals, a goal can be scored at any time, even in the last minute of injury time.


The odds on both teams in the BTTS betting market are usually around the 1.5 to 2.5 mark, with several games being around evens (2.0). There is often around a 50% chance of winning your bets in the BTTS, meaning a decent strike rate if you place bets in this betting market.




The BTTS betting market lets bettors place bets on whether both sides will score a goal or not during the match. In using BTTS, it is crucial to look at essential statistics and analyze the teams’ recent performances. Before betting on a BTTS market, it is also vital to ensure that the team you are betting on has a good record of recent goals. It is also essential to look at their trend of conceded goals, along with their current form and head-to-head statistics.

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