Horse Racing Betting Rules, How to Bet and Win

Horse Racing Betting
Horse racing is one of the exciting and most popular sports. Horse racing is valued for thrill and excitement as well as sports betting too. People watch horse racing because they want to bet on it and win some good money.

Almost everyone places a wager while watching horse racing, but only a few people get the chance to win. Some people don’t care about the outcome as they bet on it due to social entertainment. However, if you are the one, who is serious about wanting to win, then you need to improve your game by learning some betting rules.

If you want to bet on horse racing, then you need sportsbooks. The sportsbooks simply accept your bet and allow you to win exciting prizes. If you are a beginner, then you need to learn the basic types of bet.

Here we have mentioned basic horse racing betting rules and bets, you need to know.


This is a wager that you will collect when your horse finishes the race either first or second.


The third horse across the finish line. The bet means that your selected horse finishes the race either first, second or third.

Combination bet:

The combination bet means that two to four horses win in the chosen order.

Pick 3:

In this bet, the player has to pick the winners of three races. You need to pick three races in a row to win.

Pick 6:

The pick 6 bet means the player needs to pick the winner of six races before the first race of pick six.

Reverse Forecast:

This bet allows players to bet on two horses to finish either first or second. You can predict in the different orders.

Straight Forecast:

When you place this bet, you need to select the two horses, but they have to finish the race in the same order that you have chosen.

Treble Forecast:

The treble forecast means you bet on three horses, but they have to finish the race in the exact order.


Superfecta is a bet, which means that you select four horses and they have to cross the finish line in the predicted order.

Daily double:

This bet means, you choose the winners for the first and second race on that day. You need to place your bet before the starting of the first race to win.


The jackpot means you need to pick six winners in six races to win the jackpot prize. The rules for jackpot may vary from the race track to race track.

Parlay or accumulator:

It is a multiple bet. It is also considered a let-it-ride bet. When you want to place this bet, you need to simultaneous selections on two or more races with the intent of pressing the winnings of the first win on the bet. To win the parlay, all your selections made must win.


This is a bet on a future event.

Exotic bets:

The exotic bets mean, you bet on unusual or striking events.