How to Utilize the Kelly Criterion in Betting

The Kelly criterion is a mathematical formula for bet size that investors and Singapore betting agent often use to calculate how much money to devote to each bet using a predefined proportion of assets. It is popular in several Singapore betting sites because, compared to other methods, it often results in more wealth over time.

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The History of Kelly Criterion

The Kelly criteria were invented in 1956 by John L. Kelly, an American scientist who worked as a researcher at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in New Jersey. Kelly created the algorithm to assist the corporation with long-distance telephone signal noise problems. 

Subsequently, the betting community recognized its significance as an optimum betting system since it would enable gamblers to optimize the magnitude of their gains.

While Kelly is said to have never utilized his formula for personal benefit, it is nonetheless widely employed today as a general money management strategy for investment. One reason for its popularity is the frequency with which it is used by notable investors such as Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway.

Knowing the Kelly Criterion

Players sometimes confront a difficult choice when deciding how much money to bet since risking too much or too little will have a significant effect. The Kelly criterion is a money-management technique for determining the best investment amount to maximize your chances of success.

The Kelly Criterion formula is:

K% = (BP – Q) / B


K % = The Kelly percentage that is the fraction of the portfolio to bet

B = The decimal odds that is consistently equivalent to 1

P = The odds of winning

Q = The odds of losing, which is 1 – p

As an illustration of Kelly Criterion staking, consider a coin. Assume you are wagering at 2.00 on a coin flip to land on heads. The coin, however, is biased and has a 52% probability of landing on heads.

In this case:

P= 0.52

Q = 1-0.52 = 0.48

B =1

This works out at: (1×0.52 – 0.48) / 1 = 0.04

As a result, the Kelly Criterion suggests that you bet 4%. A positive percentage indicates an advantage in your favour, increasing your money.

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Analysis of the Findings

The Kelly criteria yield the K%, which is a percentage that reflects the amount of the portfolio that should be allocated to each investment. Essentially, the Kelly % indicates how much one should diversify.

Regardless of the Kelly criteria, one should not devote more than 20% to 25% of one’s money to a single share since diversification is crucial and necessary to prevent a massive loss if a company fails.

Because they are risk-averse, some bettors prefer to bet less than the Kelly percentage, as it reduces the impact of possible overestimation and depletion of the bankroll; it is called Fractional Kelly.

If, on the other hand, the Kelly percentage is less than 0%, it signifies that the Kelly criterion recommends walking away and not betting since the chances do not seem to be in one’s favour based on the mathematical calculation


The Kelly Criterion is a statistical formula for placing bets or investments that leads to more gain in the long term than any other betting strategy. It is one of the few betting methods with a formula or evidence explaining why it can offer a larger long-term return than other strategies.

This gambling strategy may calculate the money an investor or bettor should invest or wager. Users utilize this approach to gamble a predefined proportion of assets while considering the amount of money available to spend and the projected returns.

Where to Bet and Use Kelly Criterion

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