Myths and Misconceptions About Online Slots

Slots have been around for a long time, particularly since the 1890s, and they continue gaining momentum as they evolved alongside technology. These advancements have led to a broad range of variations of slots with more developed mechanics and different themes.

Online gambling has become more prominent as the internet has become a part of many people’s lives. With this popularity, online gambling, particularly online slots Singapore tends to be rife with numerous misconceptions, myths, and false assumptions, especially since real money is at stake. These superstitions are among the reasons gamblers disengage from playing casino games or become doubtful of slot machines.

 Being aware of the different misconceptions can help gamblers in different ways such as:

·         Improve the results of their gambling endeavors,

·         Increase their likelihood of winning in slots,

·         Avoid losing a significant amount of money.


Myth #1: Slots Are Rigged

One of the most common misconceptions about a slot machine in an online casino is it is rigged. Accusations of foul play come up at times in any discussions about slots.

Slots in a Singapore casino are not rigged because they are legally obliged to perform exactly as advertised. Online slots typically pay back a large portion of what is put into them as signified by the machine’s Return To Player or RTP value.

However, every casino game clarifies one thing: the house always has an edge over players. House edge represents the average amount of money that the house or the casino expects to make on bets, which is expressed as a percentage.

No casino gambling game has a 100% RTP, as casinos are businesses that aim to profit and earn money. The goal for players is to find casino games with the lowest house edge.

Myth #2: Gamblers Should Only Play Jackpot Online Slots If They Want to Win Big

Unique slots can see players win hundreds of thousands in a single spin of the reels. However, the reality is that a bettor’s chances of winning huge sums are possible, but it would take monumental luck.

For gamblers playing online slots intending to make a profit, the last thing to do is opt to play a jackpot slot. Jackpot slots might pay out the most money, but they often have a lower RTP, which means that non-jackpot wins in these slots are scarce overall across a prolonged period.

Myth #3: Slot RTP Is Always Right

One aspect of RTP that gamblers tend to forget is that it is a calculated average. The house calculates an RTP by playing a massive amount of rounds for a specific slot machine, and with this data, they can predict how often a gambler would win if they play one hundred games.

The thing about the inner workings of RTP is that it does not account for luck. If all releases were paid according to RTP, players would never be able to win in slot machines. An RTP is meant to be a helpful guide in becoming a winner and not just an irrefutable fact.

Myth #4: Slots That Have Not Paid Out For A While Are Due For A Win

This misconception is easily the most widespread mistake gamblers make when playing slots. This is a well-recorded notion called the Gambler’s Fallacy which is present in all forms of gambling. As gamblers cannot witness the inner workings behind a slot machine, they tend to assume they are programmed to pay out at specific intervals.

The assumption that slots are programmed to pay out at particular intervals is false. Every single slot spin has the same shot in a specific outcome. A bettor could win nothing a hundred times in a row, but this does not mean that the hundred and first spin has a bigger shot at winning.

If players were to experience a run of consecutive losing spins in slot machines, it would be nothing short of a coincidence. Similarly, players of online slot machines are just as likely to hit the jackpot as ever, even if it just paid one. The point of playing slot machines is that one should treat every spin independently from previous or subsequent attempts that were made.

Myth #5: Autoplay On Online Slots Pays Less

This misconception tends to be circulating in different online communities. The argument behind this idea is that players who hit autoplay pay less attention to the game, so the operators tend to get away with paying less.

However, no feature decreases the RTP when a player hits autoplay. A slot spin is a slot spin, and how a player tells the game to perform one is largely irrelevant. The general rule is that free spins should have the same RTP, volatility, and win potential as the real money game. Through this, players get an accurate representation of how the game works if they play it with their funds.

Payouts remain the same regardless of how the reels in slots roll as the random number generator or RNG cannot determine whether the reels were spun manually or through autoplay.

Myth #6: Slot Machine Free Spins Pay Less

Free spins are a standard casino bonus that enables gamblers to play slots without risking real money. However, any payouts from these spins are still accurate. In theory, online casinos that offer free spins are operating at a loss, but it is a form of casino promotion that casinos take in hopes of future profits.

Slots often have no way of knowing whether they are operating with money from the gambler or free-play funds. This is an ideal way to avoid mistakes while playing online slots.


Besides the common risks involved when playing slot machines, the myths and misconceptions surrounding this can also dissuade many gamblers from trying and participating in the game.

Clearing out the different misconceptions about slot machines can help gamblers to bet better when playing slot machines in online casinos and help reduce their risks of losing money. Knowing about the different misconceptions and myths helps gamblers be more informed about the possible dangers of these misconceptions.

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