Popular Esports Betting Markets 2023

Esports has seen a significant breakthrough in online betting, most notably during the pandemic due to massive video games like League of Legends (LOL), Counterstrike, and Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

The prominence of video games, terrific investments in an SG sportsbook, and the abundant live stream opportunities available are some reasons for esports’ growing popularity. When bettors place wagers on a sports event, they know they are betting on a professional or semi-professional event subject to stringent participation criteria.

Due to the growing popularity of mobile gambling, the global esports market accelerated even more, making it a primary form of entertainment and enjoyment for millions worldwide. The current betting landscape in esports also offers lucrative and exciting opportunities for those who want to profit from online betting. However, if you’re thinking of esports betting in a sportsbook Singapore, you better first grasp the leading betting markets that are available.

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Different Esports Betting Markets

Esports betting markets and odds may differ from bookie to bookie. However, there is no need to worry, as there is a walkthrough of some common betting markets available. These popular betting markets in esports offer loads of exciting betting opportunities. Many popular video games even have their specific markets.

Match Winner

In any game event or tournament, the outcome can go either way. One of the most basic ways to bet on esports is by wagering who will win the game. The match-winner betting market is widespread, and those who are into betting usually encounter this betting market.

Outright Winner

In the outright winner betting market, bettors must predict which team or player will win the tournament. There are many global tournaments that fans and enthusiasts look forward to every year. Some examples of these global tournaments are the International for Dota 2, League of Legends World Championship, and the Majors.

Map/Round Winner

This betting market is very similar to the match-winner betting market. The critical difference in Map/Round Winner is that it is available only for games that utilize multiple maps. In Map/Round winner, bettors can predict which team will win a particular map or round of a video game such as first-person shooter and multiplayer battle royale games like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, or LOL.

The odds of a Map/Round winner are inviting but require in-depth research. Due to the nature of some video games with multiple maps, certain teams tend to perform better on specific maps and vice-versa. Due to this, it can be challenging to make sage bets, which is why this type of betting market is usually both attractive and a deterrent to some bettors.

Over/Under Betting Market

This type of betting market can be familiar to some bettors, as it is known as Totals. In the Over/Under betting market, bookmakers put forward a set threshold, and bettors must guess if the game’s overall score will be over/higher or under/lower the fixed line.

The Over/Under betting market is an exciting bet, offers excellent odds at times, and does not require almost any research. However, it can be challenging to get right as it has predominantly random results, making it mainly 50/50 in most cases.

Time Limit

The Time Limit betting market is famous for experienced punters as it offers excellent odds.

 Some esports games like Overwatch have a time limit at the end of each round. If the team score is tied, the game goes into overtime to break the tie. This betting market is rare since many games with an in-game time limit exist. Placing a bet can also be straightforward as it requires minimal research.

First Kill/First Blood

This betting market is usually available for esports games with the theme describing it. The First Kill/First Blood is an applicable bet for games with a kill mechanic. It may not be as widespread as other betting markets, but it is still famous since it is simple, has good odds, is quick, and is easy to bet.

Handicap Bet

The handicap bet is another prominent betting market in any sport, including esports. The handicap bet is used to spice up the game, as bookmakers give the obvious underdog an advantage by handicapping the favoured team, meaning there is no time limit or over/under bets. The favourite team must beat the handicap odds to win.

An example of a handicap bet is a CS: GO match wherein team A is the favourite. To level the betting playing field, Team A must win the match with five or more rounds against Team B.

The handicap bet is fun and exciting as it makes both choices viable. It is also readily available on different betting sites. However, it can be difficult to win either way, and it might turn away some bettors due to the betting market’s nature.


Aside from generally popular betting markets in esports, there are also game-specific bets for punters seeking an extra challenge. These betting markets may vary wildly across bookmakers, while some might still need to get them available for punters.

A sound and logical strategy is always helpful in a competitive betting world like esports. Punters can boost their esports betting experience with the help of reliable information.

If punters are thinking of which games to start with, there is not a single game that each beginner should pick as the starting point. One must look at which esports game they know or play the most, as background knowledge can make a difference in successfully placing bets and choosing betting markets.

Finding a legal and safe betting site for esports betting is the top priority for each gambler. It is helpful to have a shortlist of trusted bookmakers and check the sportsbook’s bonus system and insurance policy to ensure safety.

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