Singapore Pools vs Foreign Sportsbooks – Which is Better?

Online sports betting has continuously become popular among many people in Singapore and other countries. Many gamblers have opted to use online live casinos due to the convenience of being able to play and place wagers for their favourite teams and players.

Today, more and more Singaporeans have been actively searching for reputable Singapore betting sites online where they can place bets on traditional sports and play casino games. Many bettors in the country typically search for Singapore Pools or other foreign sportsbooks to find the odds for various sports betting markets.

And although both Singapore Pools and foreign sportsbooks both can provide the latest odds that can aid bettors to formulate their strategies, there are clear differences between them. So, here are some things to note that can help you determine which of the two suits you more.

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What is Singapore Pools?

Singapore Pools is the sole legal lottery subsidiary in Singapore, which the government set up to address illegal gambling instead of banning it altogether in the country. It was established in 1968 under the full ownership of the Tote Board, which is an entity that must report to the Ministry of Finance. Singapore Pools was exempted from the Remote Gambling Act of 2014, so bettors can continue betting online through Singapore Pools.

Singapore Pools started by offering TOTO, sweepstakes or Singapore Sweep, 4D, football betting, and horse race betting. Currently, these options are still offered in Singapore Pools’ portfolio.

· Toto

Known as the oldest Singapore lottery, launched in 1968, Toto is a standard 6/49 game. It is the second most popular lottery game in Singapore. In terms of sales performance, it is outranked only by 4D. Toto has two weekly drawings and a meagre ticket price, which is why it is popular among many bettors.

· 4D

4D is the second longest-running lottery in Singapore, launched one year after Toto. A person has to choose a four-digit number from 000 to 9999. 4D comes with betting flexibility and appealing options for those who want to try their luck.

· Singapore Sweep

Singapore Sweep, launched in 1969, is a seven-digit sweepstake-style game with over 3.5 million pre-printed tickets for sale. Each ticket costs 3 Singaporean dollars. To win, bettors must have a ticket that matches one of the 133 winning combinations that are randomly drawn.

Besides distributing lottery tickets and offering legal sports betting opportunities, Singapore Pools is an entity that has also carried out various campaigns through the years. It has accomplished different milestones, such as its contribution of 14.5 million dollars towards developing the first national stadium in Singapore in 1969.

Differences Between Foreign Sportsbooks and Singapore Pools

There are several differences between foreign sportsbooks and Singapore Pools’ in terms of advantages that they can offer. But the question of which one is better for sports bettors would depend mainly on how these betting options would cater to what punters are looking for regarding their betting experience in online betting in Singapore.

· Legal Age of Bettors

Younger bettors are restricted when it comes to access to Singapore Pools. Individuals must be at least 21 years old to sign up for a Singapore Pools account. Meanwhile, foreign sportsbooks will allow and accept bets from individuals starting at the age of 18.

· Betting Options

Foreign sportsbooks and Singapore Pools are also different in terms of their offerings. Singapore Pools only offers sports betting on football, motorsports, and horse racing, while other foreign sportsbooks allow betting options on a wide range of sports. The odds provided by foreign sportsbooks outside of Singapore are, in numerous instances, superior to those offered by Singapore Pools.

Foreign sportsbooks can offer access to more games and odds for bettors where Singapore Pools is lacking. However, betting online outside Singapore Pools can be risky. Still, bettors can take the risk, especially since some offshore sportsbooks can legally take Singaporean bettors who want to place bets in other sports. But if you do not want any troubles and risks on your way, you can stay with Singapore Pools.

· Betting Odds Format

Different odds formats are used worldwide, such as the European or decimal odds, UK odds in fractions, and American odds or money line. There are also several Asian odds, such as Hong Kong, Malay, and Indonesian Odds.

In Singapore Pools, the default format for odds is European Odds. European odds or decimal odds represent how much money a bettor will be able to receive if they make a winning bet. This odds format is also available at different foreign online betting sites.

Example of football odds by SG Pools


· Incentives and Bonuses

Singapore Pools do not offer sign-up bonuses or other incentives of a similar magnitude compared to those provided by foreign sportsbooks. Foreign operators can offer large welcome bonuses and other promotions that a bettor will not be able to get from Singapore Pools. These factors can make playing and placing wagers with foreign sportsbooks more enjoyable and potentially more profitable for bettors.

· Deposits and Payouts

Foreign sportsbooks provide a variety of deposit options for bettors. Many Singaporeans are particularly fond of various payment options possible, with internet banking at the top of the list. Most betting sites allow bettors to deposit money from a bank account to their online casino account through online bank transfers from any major financial firms in Singapore. Aside from internet banking, using an e-wallet is another popular choice where bettors can deposit funds or cash out winnings.


Which is Better Between Singapore Pools and Foreign Sportsbooks?

If you want to bet on sports risk-free, then Singapore Pools is by far the better option. If you want to bet to win real money, then foreign sportsbooks are the better option, especially thanks to their multitudes of betting options and bonuses.

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