Singaporean Jockeys: Masters of the Saddle

One of the popular betting games in SG Sportsbook is horse racing, which is not surprising considering the unique thrill it provides horse racing bettors. Despite this, betting on this sports game is not as easy as it seems.

It has become a belief that “good horses make good jockeys,” but this phrase is contradictory since jockeys control their horse. These horsemen have the power to bring out their horse‚Äôs ability to reach the line front, making them a significant factor in winning your placed bet. With a more experienced jockey, the horse you wagered on can have a higher chance of succeeding in the race.

Increase your odds of winning, as you explore what makes the top five Singaporean jockeys and how they became the masters of the saddle:

Manoel Nunes

Manoel Nunes is the first on the list of successful and influential jockeys in SG Sportsbook. After the Brazillian jockey arrived in Macau in October 2002, he started thriving. He became well-known in Singapore because of his affluent statistics, starting with his first win on the 10th day of September 2006.

Nunes has won various race games, earning a 25.13% win rate and 86% return on investment (ROI). He has achieved all these fulfillments and his first group win on the 22nd day of June 2014 with his best horse, Spalato, with a Top 123 rating.

But what made him known to many Singaporean horse racing bettors is Nunes became a six-time Macau champion in a row. The Brazilian jockey ruled the roost for five years before he went on hiatus for his medical appointment for his fractured neck.

Simon Kok

Simon Kok is the second on the list of well-regarded jockeys in horse racing in Singapore. Kok is a Malaysian jockey who has been popular since he began his journey in the sport on the 23rd day of January 2018 and earned his first win at Kranji Aw, Class 3, on the same date.

He has ridden three different horses in Singapore and Australia: Autumn Rush, Keep the Justice, and Top Knight, being his best, with a Top Rating of 110.

As a two-time champion novice, Kok became a well-known Malaysian jockey in SG Sportsbook, which helped him acquire an 11.29% win rate and 74% ROI. He is also a joint-fourth with Kasim A’lsisuhairi in the 2023 jockey’s premier league table. Kok also earned his first group championship with his horse Big Hearted on the 21st day of November 2020.

Ismail Saifudin

This Malaysian jockey is third on the most popular Singaporean horse racing list, also known as I Saifudin. He started his journey in horse racing on the 8th day of January 2005 and earned his first accomplishment on the 22nd day of January 2005 with his best horse named Double Take, with a Timeform rating of 109.

Saifudin also attained his first group win on the 26th day of October 2006, with Lim’s Classic as his best horse. But he even proved his knowledge and ability in being a jockey as he attained 3.25% and 65% ROI.

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Kasim A’Isisuhairi

A’lsisuhairi is a Malaysian jockey who began his first horse racing run on the 6th day of 2009. But he earned his first win on the 25th day of July 2009 with his horse, Dancing Chef. He has obtained a 9.69% win rate and 86% ROI throughout his races.

He has won various horse racing championships, but his first group win was on the 10th day of December 2011. However, Captain Obvious is the best among the other horses he has ridden, with a timeform rating of 118.

Chin Chuen Wong

C C. Wong is a Malaysian jockey who earned Singaporean horse racing bettors’ reliance by acquiring a 14.79% win rate, reaching 83% ROI. Wong’s primary run with his first horse name, Turningold, was on the 22nd day of June 2014 on the Royal Belum International Festival Handicap Class 4. Nevertheless, he earned his first win on the 28th day of June 2014 with his second horse, Stub.

Lim’s Kosciuszko is his best horse among all the horses he has ridden, with a Timeform rating of 113. Kosciuszko even helped Wong win his first group win on the 14th day of August 2022.

Final Thoughts

Several horse racing insiders claim that these jockeys only have a 5 to 10% impact on horse racing, but these horsemen affect the horse’s performance by as much as 75%.

All the professional jockeys mentioned above show how they influence the horse’s presentation during the race. They are the masters of the saddle who earned a significant ROI because of their knowledge and abilities to supervise the horse they are riding and bring out their best to win the race.

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