Super Bowl 2023: The Must-Checkout Sports Highlights

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sports events among many sports enthusiasts and bettors worldwide. The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game featuring the American Football Conference (AFC) winners and the National Football Conference (NFC). For bettors, it is considered one of the most significant betting events as the amount wagered on the Super Bowl grows exponentially. In 2019, an estimated $6 billion was wagered, while there is a $7 billion wager in 2020.

Aside from being a big football game, it is also considered a cultural phenomenon featuring a halftime show with performances from famous artists and commercials that usually generate significant buzz and interest among many.


Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl for NFL fans is a day they anticipate each year, as millions tune in for the big game. More sports enthusiasts also dabble in football betting while watching the big game. With the event’s magnitude, sportsbooks provide time and attention to their Super Bowl betting markets and odds.

An average NFL game already provides a wide variety of Singapore betting markets to sports bettors, but the Super Bowl takes it to another level. Undoubtedly, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest tournaments as wagers continue to increase, and many bettors want to place wagers and participate.

Sports Highlights to Check Out in Super Bowl 2023

As the NFL is a year-round business, many sports enthusiasts are looking to the games as the offseason begins for many league teams. Several groups also made significant coaching changes, including the New England Patriots, who revamped their offensive staff by installing offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien and several new assistants.

With the NFL calendar turning from 2022 to 2023, it is helpful to note where the different teams stand to see how they will likely perform as they enter the new season.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs 2022 postseason result stands at 14-3. While they are not known as a dynasty, they have an impressive record of winning more overall games in the past four seasons than any team in NFL history outside the 2001-2004 record of the Patriots. The Kansas City Chiefs have several skilled players hitting free agency in 2023: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Jerick McKinnon, and Mecole Hardman.

2. Cincinatti Bengals

The 2022 record postseason result of the Cincinnati Bengals stands at 12-4, as they lost the last AFC Championship Game. They were a 15-yard penalty away from forcing overtime and potentially upstaging the Chiefs in the previous AFC title game.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive line help up surprisingly well in the 2022 postseason, and it is most likely to be even better in 2023. The team has come close to reaching the NFL championships in back-to-back seasons, and they may have the chance to put it all together the next time around.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles, with their 14-3 postseason result in their 2022 record, is considered one of the best-performing teams in the NFL for most of the season. The Eagles had a 10-point second-half lead over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

Super Bowl Odds of Different Teams

1. The NFL power structure revolves around the AFC’s elite young quarterbacks. The top NFL conference has been won by either Joe Burrow’s or Patrick Mahomes’ teams for four straight seasons, with Josh Allen’s Bills in the Mix.

2. With the current three-way power struggle for the title rotating through Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Kansas City, it is unsurprising that the three favourites that are eyed to play for the next Super Bowl include the Kansas City Chiefs (+650), Buffalo Bills (+850), and the Cincinnati Bengals (+900).

3. The team that wins the AFC is almost certainly another favorite in the next Super Bowl. Other AFC teams have a path to explore, but the odds are considerably longer. The Jets’ Super Bowl odds recently surged in the wake of Aaron Rodgers news that led to his trade from the Green Bay Packers. The Chargers (+2000) are also perceived as a hypothetical threat in the games.

4. The Ravens are sitting at +2500, and the Dolphins, with +2200 odds, have significant quarterback baggage. The Ravens could be worth a lucrative cost if Baltimore can resolve its current contract dispute with Lamar Jackson.

5. The best bet in the middle of the board of the NFL could be the Jaguars, which is available at +2500, as many analysts tabbed the team as the next up-and-coming team after their playoff run last season.

Super Bowl 2023 Prop Bets

Proposition bets are games within the Super Bowl that allow fans and bettors to place wagers on specific events aside from the game’s outcome. Prop bets include the opening coin toss or popular player props during the Super Bowl event, such as the over/under quarterback passing yards, running back rushing yards, and the number of touchdowns a player will score.

A plethora of Super Bowl game prop bets are available at betting sites. The Super Bowl game prop bets are wagers involving something that transpires during the game. Every play carries a prop-betting weight in the 60 minutes of the Super Bowl game action.

Some examples of Super Bowl game props include:

●     Will there be overtime?

●     How will the first points be scored in the game?

●     Will the first offensive play of the game be a run or pass?

●     Which team will enter the Red Zone first in the game?


The Super Bowl is undoubtedly a sports event many fans and bettors look forward to yearly. The records it sets, from the number of viewers worldwide to the number of bets placed, never fail to stun the gambling world.

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