Top 8 Most Popular Esports Betting Markets

Esports represents a cutting-edge development in sports betting. It features a variety of games, contributing to its innovative enhancement in the betting trend. Iconic titles such as Counter-Strike 2, DOTA 2, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) have played a pivotal role in shaping this phenomenon, gaining popularity in online sports betting in Singapore and worldwide.

As anticipation grows for the upcoming Esports World Cup 2024, punters must start familiarising themselves with the diverse esports betting markets to maximise their chances of successful wagering. Below are some of the betting markets available for betting in esports:

First Blood

This popular betting market enables bettors to predict the team that will draw the initial kill. This wagering option is available in online esports games that feature killing mechanics, like Valorant and MLBB.

For instance, in an MLBB match between Liquid Echo and Team Spirit, punters have the option to bet on Liquid Echo to secure the first kill. A correct prediction secures a win.

Match Winner

One of the most basic and widely recognised bets is the match winner bet. This market is available on any betting site and is considered the easiest as it offers only two possible results—either Team A or B emerges victorious.

For example, bettors can choose who will win a League of Legends (LoL) matchup between Team FlyQuest and G2 Esports. If a punter selects Team FlyQuest and they win the match, the bettor also wins their wager. However, if the team is defeated, the punter’s bet also loses.

Map Winner

Similar to the match winner bet, map winner is another standard betting market, especially for popular esports tournaments like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Call of Duty (COD). This category involves bettors predicting which team will win on the specified map used in the tournament. Map winner is ideal for punters who seek the challenge of assessing teams’ map-specific strengths and risks inherent in their bets.

To illustrate this market, a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III competition has multiple battlefields, with a certain map chosen for each event where two teams will compete. Envision Team Falcons battling Team OMiT EU in a specific arena. Bettors can back any team and those who placed their wagers on the prevailing team can win profitable prizes.

Total Maps Played

Another alternative to match and map winner betting markets is total maps played betting. In this wagering method, bettors bet on the total number of maps to be played in a certain tournament, commonly falling under the Over/Under bet category.

As an illustration, if oddsmakers set a line of 3.5 maps played in PUBG Mobile, bettors can bet whether the entire quantity of battlefields played is over or under the stipulated line.

Time Limit

As the name implies, this betting market is commonly available for games that have an in-game time limit, like Rocket League. However, in the event of a tie, the game will proceed into overtime to determine the winner.

Punters can place wagers on their preferred team within the first 10 minutes of the Rocket League tournament, and those who bet on the prevailing team will secure their wins.

Total Number of Kills

Getting the total number of kills of a specific team can be challenging, but that is what makes this betting market exciting. It is closely similar to the Total Maps Played. Their only difference is that it classifies under the Over/Under bet classification. 

Counter-Strike 2, Fortnite, Free Fire, and Rainbow Six Siege are some examples of where this betting market can be integrated.

Take Counter-Strike 2 as an example. Bookmakers establish an overall threshold for both teams in a match, commonly presented in whole number formats. If the line is set at 30 kills, bettors can wager on whether the kills will exceed (over) or fall (under) below this specified margin.

Game-Tailored Bets

This esports betting market is perfect for punters who seek an extra challenge. Game-tailored bets commonly encompass a certain online game’s result and serve as Proposition Bets.

Questions like “How many Turtles are taken down in an MLBB match?” or “Which map is frequently played in a CoD game?” can help a bettor make well-informed betting decisions, allowing them to have a greater chance for victory.

Tournament Champion

Finally, the most well-known wagering category commonly seen in various esports betting sites is the Tournament Champion, also known as Event Winner. This betting market is categorised as an Outright bet, requiring punters to predict a tournament’s winner.

As an example, bettors may speculate on which club will take home the $60 million prize pool at the fast-approaching Esports World Cup 2024.

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The eight factors outlined above are the most popular esports betting markets. Understanding these and practising responsible betting is vital for aspiring bettors aiming to increase their betting revenue.

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