Top Esports Players in Singapore 2023

Esports, or electronic sports, is where professional gamers of online video games compete using computer or mobile devices while connected to a stable Internet. It is continuously becoming well-known, even in the online betting industry, as it provides both convenience and entertainment to players and bettors.

Singapore is one of the Asian countries known for its lavish online betting. And they are not an exemption from esports’ continuous popularity. Despite this, it is still not easy to bet on; bettors must know important details before they wager to succeed in this industry.

Aside from choosing the most trusted online casino in Singapore, learning about all the top esports players is vital. These individuals are an integral aspect of betting in esports, as they can carry the entire team to win the championship. So, learn more about 2023’s top esports players in Singapore and why they become the best below:

Daryl Koh Pei Xiang

Daryl Koh Pei Xiang, known by his user ID, iceiceice, is a popular 33-year-old Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) Pro gamer. He is currently a player in Bleed Esports, one of Singapore’s leading teams in DOTA 2. His signature heroes are the following:

·         Timbersaw

·         Tidehunter

·         Nature’s Prophet

But before this professional DOTA 2 player became well-known in Singapore, he became a StarCraft II gamer and part of the FXOpen eSports in 2010. During this time, his team won at the Esports World Convention (ESWC) and Cyberathlete Professional League (CAPL).

In 2011, Daryl switched his career, pursued playing DOTA 2, and formed a team named Team Faceless on the 3rd of September 2016. Despite the big changes between StarCraft II and DOTA 2’s gameplay, the team he created became one of the best Defense of the Ancients player in the world, winning ESWC Paris and CAPL again.

Bleed Esports continuously to become an aspiring team in the DOTA 2 realm. Thanks to Daryl being the Offlaner or the Carry of the team and for the other group members, such as:

JaCkkY, position: Carry

Kordan, position: Mid

DJ, as the Support of the team

Dubu, the second Support of the team

This affluence in Daryl’s group made him earn $1,812,855.42 because of their many earnings.

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Wang Jing Jie

One of the well-known Valorant Singaporean players is Wang Jing Jie, popular for his ID name, Jinggg. He is a 19-year-old member of Paper Rex with the main agents:

·         Sage, key Support

·         Raze’s skill skit revolves around mines, grenades, and general explosions.

·         Phoenix particulates in hunting down enemies.

Jinggg first began his journey as a Valorant player in 2020. Nevertheless, his team won his primary 1st placer on the 30th of November in 2020 at The Esports Club Showdown, bringing home $7000 as a cash prize.

Jinggg’s team Paper Rex continued to join many Valorant tournaments, including their last joined championship in CCT 2023: Masters Tokyo. Although they won as the 3rd placer, they brought home a cash prize worth $125,000. Thanks to Jingg’s skills and his other team players, including:

·         Ahmad Khalish Rusyaidee bin Nordin a.k.a. d4v41

·         Aaron Leonhart a.k.a mindfreak

·         Jason Susanto, a.k.a F0rsakeN

·         Ilya Petrov a.k.a something

·         Patiphan Posri, with his user ID CigaretteS

Now, Jinggg has approximately $110,521 in total winnings.

Xing Lei Wong

This individual is a popular Singaporean League of Legends esports player with a player ID, Chawy. He is now the head coach of TSM (Team SoloMid). Xing is known for his Karma main, but his favourite champion is Lux.

The first time Chawy began playing video games was at the age of 12, wherein his first game was Neopets. When he turned 13, he began playing competitive table tennis at his school, but Chawy quit playing when he became 17 to focus on professional gaming.

Team Scythe was his primary DOTA 2 group. After Chawy won third place in the International DOTA 2 Championship with a prize of $150,000, he began pursuing to play LOL to try something new. Because of his decision, he has earned an approximate total of winnings worth $25,000.

Final Thoughts

All the pro players from various online games above mentioned prove how eSport is popular in Singapore. Because of its recognisability, the country is already filled with 1,080 pro players, wherein they have been awarded a total of $6,716,197.61 in prize money across 1,143 tournaments. This prize money makes esports betting profitable, especially with today’s technological advancement.

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