What is an Online Betting Agent?

An online betting agent is a person who assists people in betting on sports and other events. These agents work for bookmakers and must be licensed in their states. Fundamentally, betting brokers and betting agents are the same person or organization. They are the mediator between clients and their chosen bookmakers in placing a bet on sports. However, many bettors wonder about the importance of a betting agent’s job with the convenience of placing direct wagers in a bookmaker.

Are you looking forward to hiring a Singapore betting agent? Explore this article further and widen your understanding of what is an online betting agent as we discuss their fundamental functions in the online betting market.

How can a betting agent help you increase your profit?

Although each betting agent has a unique way of doing their job, these persons have one thing in common. Every betting agent can provide you access to multiple bookmakers with favorable odds. Since betting agents handle each client’s transaction, the bettor does not need to open numerous accounts when placing bets on various bookmakers. Hiring a betting agent also allows the bettor to place bets anonymously, providing the chance for players restricted to a bookmaker due to excessive winning.

One account allows you to only deal with one person for all your betting needs.  Betting agents will offer excellent customer service via chat and phone. This personal service is superior to that offered by high-street bookmakers. Some also provide VIP services for High Rollers, such as fund management and high betting limits (the maximum available at all bookmakers). Moreover, the best betting agent can offer a betting platform that allows bettors access to the best odds from all bookmakers and to place multiple bets simultaneously. 

Advantages Of Having a Betting Agent

Agents are a great help for players new to the gambling world. They can explain the rules and strategies of various games and help you if you’re stuck. But there’s more to them than the said benefits. Read on below and learn more about their advantages.

· Get the best odds

Because they have direct relationships with the top sharp bookies online and can offer the best odds for a particular market, betting agents almost always have the best odds. 

· International bookies offer the chance to place bets

There are many international online bookmakers worldwide, but they aren’t available to most people if they don’t reside in the country where the bookie is located. This means that you will not be able to place bets on events specific to the country or region in which they are located, especially in Asian markets. These bookmakers can be accessed through a betting agent.

· Regular bookies have higher deposit and bet limits

High-street bookmakers often have strict bet and deposit limits. This is partly due to government regulation that aims to prevent players from overspending and partly because the bookies use them to protect themselves from huge wins that could bankrupt their businesses. Bettors should be able to deposit and place bets at a higher volume if they use a gambling agent than if their account is private.

Are there better bonuses for betting agents?

The betting agent must have a good relationship with all the bookies they deal with. Agents with more experience and greater stature have developed strong relationships with bookies that offer the best odds and avoid regular bet size and deposit limits.

By extending this close relationship, bookies can offer more lucrative bonuses to sports betting agents than regular punters. Bookies love high-rollers and offer better rewards to those who deposit large amounts. And, because betting agents typically only accept large deposits, they may be able to offer better bonuses than what you see on the site.

Enjoy a Safe and Convenient Online Betting!

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