What is RNG in Online Casino Games?

The online casino industry continues to thrive as it offers an extensive array of games for players worldwide. One crucial element in online casinos is the principle of fairness and integrity of online casino games. Using a Random Number Generator or RNG is at the core of the principle of fairness. Understanding how RNG works and its significance in casino games provides insight into the security and fairness of online gambling.

Different online casino games use RNG, which generates a sequence of random numbers or symbols. RNGs are considered integral to casino games such as slots, roulette, bingo, and lottery games.

What is a Random Number Generator?

Random Number Generator or RNG refers to a mathematical system that identifies the outcome of each spin, hand, or roll in an online casino game. Its system makes different numbers, symbols, and cards appear instead of others in roulette, slots, and other card games. RNG helps provide completely random results in online casinos that do not require the presence of a dealer.

RNG is particularly vital in gambling with a live casino online, where virtual games must emulate the fairness of their land-based counterparts. In the absence of physical elements in games, such as cards or dice, the RNG takes centre stage in determining the outcome of an online casino game.

RNG works with casino software in Singapore betting to produce a fair outcome. If a gambler is playing blackjack, the second they hit a deal, the RNG will feed the casino software a unique value, essentially the result of the hand. In blackjack, the order of all the cards dealt to players is random.

Meanwhile, the RNG value is converted into a winning number on the roulette wheel in a roulette game. Regarding online slot machines, RNG dictates the outcome of every single spin.

Types of RNG

There are typically two types of RNGs that are used in an online casino: Pseudo Random Number Generators or PRNGs and True Random Number Generators (TRNGs)

Pseudo Random Number Generators or PRNG

PRNGs use algorithms and mathematical formulas to create a random sequence of numbers. Online casinos employ sophisticated PRNG algorithms that are tested and certified to ensure integrity. This verifies that the RNG produces truly random results and that the games are not biased toward the online casino or the players.

The algorithm is in perpetual motion, meaning that random numbers are continuously produced even if the game is not played. The numbers derived from the RNG correspond to specific outcomes in an online casino game.

True Random Number Generator or TRNG

TRNGs generate random numbers by interpreting physical phenomena like electronic noise or radioactive decay that are random. TRNG is usually in a semiconductor to secure data communication, storage, and other electronic transactions.

TRNG differs from PRNG because TRNG uses unpredictable physical processes to generate numbers randomly.

Fairness of an RNG

Trustworthy gambling sites use RNG software that an independent auditor regularly verifies. Third parties offer consulting and testing services to land-based and online casino sites to ensure patrons have a fair gambling experience. The audits can include the following:

  • RNG inspection
  • Live dealers, sportsbook, or gambling exchange evaluation
  • Game and mathematics evaluation
  • Game payout verification

Undergoing audits help ensure that the RNGs used by a casino comply with industry standards. This transparency establishes trust between a casino and its players and fosters a positive and secure online gaming environment.

Different Misconceptions Surrounding RNG in Online Gambling

There are often misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the role and function of RNGs in casino games. Here are some common misconceptions that surround RNG in online gambling to help players separate fact from fiction.

Misconception #1: Casinos Can Manipulate RNG to Control the Outcomes of Online Casino Games

Online casinos cannot manipulate RNGs since RNGs are designed to produce random and unbiased outcomes. RNGs operate based on mathematical algorithms that yield unpredictable results. The truth is that a reputable casino understands the significance of fair play, and it relies on a certified RNG to provide a level playing field for players.

Misconception #2: RNGs Have Patterns, and If You Can Identify Them, You Can Predict the Outcomes

RNGs are designed to eliminate patterns and produce random results. Each outcome is independent of the previous one that was produced. There is no specific way to determine or manipulate the sequence of the generated numbers in an online casino game.

Misconception #3: Changing Betting Strategies or Timing Can Influence RNG Outcomes

RNG results are produced within milliseconds. They are not influenced by any external aspects like betting strategies or timing. The results produced by RNG are random and independent of a player’s action. Changing betting strategies or timing will not affect what RNGs make.

Understanding RNG results’ random and independent nature is significant for a good playing strategy. There are numerous biases that a gambler must avoid when playing a casino game, and many of these are derived from a lack of understanding of how RNG works.

Misconception #4: RNGs Can Be Manipulated to Cheat Players

The truth is a reliable online casino prioritises player satisfaction, and they employ certified RNGs that undergo regular audits to ensure their fairness. Conducting audits with an independent third-party organisation helps verify the integrity of RNG algorithms used in casino games. Rigorous testing and certification procedures prevent an online casino from manipulating the outcomes of casino games in favour of the house or against bettors.


RNG is a fundamental aspect in safeguarding the fairness of online casino games. It helps ensure that the outcomes are genuinely random, which provides a fair and unbiased gambling environment.

As the online casino industry continues to thrive online, ensuring that RNGs are used and certified remains a priority to uphold the industry’s credibility and trustworthiness. Testing and certification of RNG help provide a solid foundation for maintaining the integrity of online casinos. It ensures that online casino games remain fair, enjoyable, and reliable for gamblers.

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