What is Trifecta Bet in Horse Racing?

Trifecta betting provides a great starting point for bettors who want a more challenging and profitable market for horse racing betting.

While trifecta betting is a challenging wager type, it remains popular among many horse betting enthusiasts as it can generate significant profits. Trifecta betting is an ideal option, especially for bettors interested in winning big without risking too much money. However, before placing wagers, it is vital to understand what trifecta betting means and how it works.

What is a Trifecta Bet in Horse Race Betting?

A trifecta or tractor is an exotic bet wherein bettors must predict the horses who will finish in the top three positions in exact order. The only way a trifecta bet will payout is if the horses that are backed will finish in the same order that a bettor has placed a wager on.

All the money wagered on the trifecta on a particular horse race will go into a pot. The money in the pool is then divided among the bettors that correctly predicted the results. The pool portion a bettor receives depends on the amount a bettor has placed on the trifecta. The bettor that placed the largest bet and guessed correctly takes the most significant portion.

Several types of trifectas are available for bettors in sportsbooks. With this, it is vital to find the proper structure that would work best with how horse betting works with strategies.

How Does Trifecta Betting Work?

The straight trifecta bet is the most straightforward wager to start with, and it works by selecting three horses that will finish first, second, and third. They must finish in those spots, and a bettor loses if any of the horses end up in another.

It is easy to place a trifecta bet at most sportsbooks today as they usually have a button for it in the market. For example, to place a bet for a horse race event like Belmont Stakes, a Horse racing Singapore bettor must click on it and pick three horses. Bettors can also select the field for their position, and when they enter their stake, the system can instantly calculate the returns.

Trifecta Bet Types

There are different variations of trifecta bets that bettors can explore in sportsbooks. Predicting the first three positions in horse races can be challenging, and other betting types provide bettors a little more flexibility.

Straight Trifecta Bet

In a straight trifecta bet, a bettor predicts the top three horses in an individual race in the exact order. The bettor loses the bet if any backed horses do not finish in the selected positions.

Trifecta Box Bet

The Trifecta Box bet allows bettors to select three horses to finish the race in the top three positions in any order. This means that if a bettor places a bet on three horses, they do not need to finish in the exact order, making a trifecta box bet different from a straight one. A box bet comprises several bets; the more horses a bettor places, the more money is required. The more runners or horses in the field can almost always lead to a higher payout.

Many bettors prefer Trifecta Box betting due to their simplicity, as it requires little mental work while offering a chance at getting a ticket with ideal results. However, the combinations in any given Trifecta box do not have equal odds of winning, which leaves a ton of wasted money in the Trifecta betting pools.

Standout Trifecta Bet

In the Standout Trifecta bet, a bettor selects a horse they believe will finish first in the race. This represents the standout part of the wager. The bet involves placing bets on other horses to finish second or third place in any order.

Flexi Trifecta Bet

A Flexi Trifecta bet enables bettors to take a percentage of their bet’s entire unit, allowing them a chance to bet with a less expansive outlay. To place a Flexi Trifecta bet, a punter selects the amount they want to place, and this will not increase regardless of how many selections they add on their bet slip.

Helpful Strategies for Trifecta Betting

Discard Ultra Favourites in Horse Races

When making trifecta bets, the odds for the favourite are likely not appealing. With this, the price that a bettor gets on the odds can shape the return of the overall trifecta bet. Betting on the favourite may not amount to significant value even when considering the appropriate fractions of prices for the second and third.

Avoid Widest Runners in Horse Races

When placing a Trifecta bet, Looking for horses that deliver consistent performance is significant. A bettor’s whole bet collapses if one horse does not perform as expected. With this, it is vital to avoid placing wagers on horses with an erratic track record and focus on selecting horses with consistent performance.

Place Trifecta Bets in Small Fields

Horse races with small fields are ideal for placing trifecta bets. There are fewer horses for bettors to assess in small fields, making the decision easier for many bettors. Placing bets around the favourite can be an option depending on the bettor’s preference. Alternatively, a bettor may take the market leader on with the second favourite.

Know the Styles of Each Horse in the Race

Knowing the styles of each horse in the race is significant when placing trifecta bets. Bettors should be looking for horses that may not have a chance of winning but could sneak into the top three positions. Doing a complete overview of the horses participating in the race can provide bettors the best chance of winning.


A Trifecta bet is a horse racing bet where a bettor can win significantly for an outlay of only $1, making it a fun and profitable bet type in horse racing.

However, placing a Trifecta bet can be daunting for some bettors, but most online bookmakers make it easier and more convenient. They offer easy-to-use layouts and plenty of options for bettors interested in getting started on placing a Trifecta bet.

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