What You Need to Know About Exacta Bet in Horse Racing

Online horse racing betting markets continue to be popular among many bettors as they open doors to lucrative betting opportunities and earn profit. One of the betting markets that bettors can try is exacta betting, a type of exotic wager in horse racing. Before placing bets, bettors need to know what exacta betting is and how it works.

What is an Exacta Bet in Horse Race Betting?

An exacta bet is an exotic bet wherein bettors must correctly select the horses that finish first and second in a race. This type of bet is the opposite of a straight bet, such as win, place, and show, wherein bettors predict the outcome of a single horse in a race. Accurately predicting which horse will place first and second in horse racing Singapore can provide a greater payout than placing wagers on a horse individually.

How to Place an Exacta Bet

Making an exacta wager at the best horse betting site is a relatively easy process. Bettors that are interested in exacta betting must do a few things, which are the following:

  • Search for a horse racing track that offers exacta bets for punters.
  • Determine the minimum bet amount for exacta bets at the horse racing track.
  • Decide in what order the horses would finish in the race and place the bet.

While it can be relatively easy to place an exacta bet, bettors must also remember the following before wagering:

  • Learn more about the horses and their odds in the race
  • Choose a horse that is in good form and has a favourable matchup
  • Consider the race track conditions and whether they favour certain types of horses.
  • Pay attention to the weather and how it can affect the race event.

What Types of Exacta Bets are Available for Bettors?

Straight Exacta

In this type of bet, the two horses and placement that a bettor wagers on must be as is to win. If a bettor chooses two horses but gets the sequence wrong, they lose the bet.

For example, if a bettor places a 6-2 bet for $4, they are betting on horse #6 to win first place and horse #2 to win second place. Any other outcome will lead to a better loss of their wager.

Exacta Box Bets

One of the types of exacta bets available for bettors is the exacta box bet. In this type of exacta betting, a bettor picks the first two horses in the order of finish, and they will be able to win the bet if the two horses they have wagered on are placed first and second in any order.

The box for exacta horse race betting gives bettors access to two bet combinations. As a result, two bets increase the odds of getting a payout as they carry a relatively lower risk than a straight bet.

Multiple-Horse Exacta Box

Bettors can also choose not to limit their exacta boxes to just two horses. If bettors feel that there are a handful of horses that can be in the mix of a particular race, they can opt to include them all in a larger exacta box. For example, if a bettor thinks that four horses have higher odds of finishing in the top two of a race, they can box all of them in the betting combinations they make.

Exacta Wheel

An exacta wheel requires bettors to pick one main horse that is included in various betting combinations. It may seem like an expensive exacta horse wager, but it can be a lucrative strategy for more experienced bettors.

There are two ways on how bettors can approach exacta wheel betting. They can opt to cover all runners in the race, which is also known as a full wheel.

They can also only cover the selections that appeal the most to them, which is known as a partial wheel. The most popular exacta wheel bet is when a bettor selects one horse to win and then includes other horses that they think have higher odds in the field as possible second-place finishers. For example, if a bettor believes that horse #6 is the most likely to finish first in the race, they can form other wagers that keep horse #6 as the prime choice in all their bets.

A partial exacta wheel can work well for bettors who are looking to cash in a little bit more. Unlike the full wheel in exacta bet tab which includes all runners in the race, placing a partial wheel involves selecting only some of the horses that are more likely to take the second position.

How to Calculate an Exacta Bet Payout

Exacta payouts can be lucrative for bettors even though this type of bet is not necessarily easy. While it is a simple type of bet, the chances of a successful wager are what makes it a challenging task. Due to this, the payouts for exacta bets are appealing.

Payouts for an exacta bet are calculated based on the pari-mutuel system, wherein there are no fixed odds or an average payout. Instead, bettors place wagers into a pool. The money from exacta bets collectively goes into a pool and is then distributed among the successful bettors after the track takes its portion from the prize pool.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of an Exacta Bet?

One of the main benefits of an exacta bet is that it can lead to big payouts for bettors. This is especially true for bettors who can select a long shot to finish in first or second place.

Meanwhile, one of the main disadvantages of placing an exacta bet is that it can be a very difficult bet to win. It is because a bettor must pick not only the horses that would win the race but also the horses that would finish in second place. For bettors who are not familiar with horse racing, it can be a tough task.

Another disadvantage of an exacta bet is that they usually have a high minimum bet. A high minimum bet can be quite expensive for some bettors, especially those who are new to horse racing.


Exacta bets may be challenging to win, but they can provide an exciting betting experience, especially for those who are looking for a thrill when placing wagers. This type of exotic bet also allows bettors to be creative and cover multiple results that can lead to increased profit.

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