What You Need to Know About the Labouchere Betting System in Roulette

Online live casinos allow gamblers to have a convenient and exciting online gambling experience from the comfort of their home. One strategy that experienced players use when playing in a live casino Singapore is the Labouchere betting system. This enables bettors to manage their bankroll with multiple bets while having a high degree of accuracy. However, this can be complicated for new roulette players to understand.

The Labouchere betting system is versatile for gamblers playing at an online casino Singapore. It is an applicable strategy when playing roulette casino games.


What is the Labouchere Betting System?

Labouchere, also known as the split Martingale or cancellation betting system, was developed with roulette odds in mind. English politician and roulette player Henry Labouchere based the betting strategy on a negative progression system, wherein a bet increases every time a bettor loses. Before a bettor places a wager, they must have a goal on how much they want to win and how they will continue placing bets until they achieve their goal.

Unlike the Martingale betting system, the Labouchere system avoids the possible risks of placing one large wager to win back losses. This makes it a split Martingale strategy, enabling bettors to adjust their bet progression in real time. Labouchere gives more flexibility with bankroll management.


How the Labouchere Betting System Works

The first step when using the Labouchere system in online gambling Singapore is to decide on a sequence of numbers representing a specific betting amount. The sum of the series of numbers equals the total amount a bettor is willing to wager on.

When using the Labouchere system, a bettor adds the first number of the sequence to the last number, representing their first bet. A bettor removes the relevant number from the sequence if they win the first bet. Meanwhile, if a punter loses their bet, they will need to add a new number to their sequence. The number that must be added is equal to the number of units that were lost. Every winning bet means a bettor gets closer to their goal, and the sequence is shortened to reflect the progress.

The process repeats until there is only one remaining number in the sequence. The final number represents the stake for the bettor’s last bet in their set sequence. However, the challenge in the Labouchere system lies in winning often enough in the bets for the process of elimination to work.


Is the Labouchere System Helpful for Bettors?

The Labouchere betting system is helpful for those who use this strategy well and keep track of the number of bets they place with a betting calculator. Bettors can make money using the Labouchere system if they avoid a lengthy losing streak. However, there is no guarantee that a bettor will stay on a long losing streak when playing. It is crucial to be cautious of a bettor’s sequence, which encourages discipline in betting.

In the Labouchere system, the bettor sets the amount they are prepared to risk from Forex. While it might not get a bettor to win at one game, it helps bettors become disciplined when playing roulette and other online casino table games.


Advantages of the Labouchere Betting System

One of the advantages of the Labouchere betting system is that it is an organised strategy for bettors to place wagers in online casino games. If a bettor sticks to their sequence to its conclusion, they can get as much as they want.

Another advantage of the Labouchere system is its flexibility. Bettors choose how they organise their sequence and decide how risky they want to play. This flexibility gives bettors a firm grasp of bankroll management, which other betting systems do not typically offer.


Disadvantages of the Labouchere Betting System

While the Labouchere system provides different advantages, it is not an ironclad strategy, especially when dealing with a losing streak. In this betting system, some losses might get too big to handle after a losing run. This betting strategy may be less effective for bettors with a relatively small bankroll.

While this is a reliable betting system, the fact also remains that no betting system can provide a bettor an advantage over the house. It does not give bettors a realistic edge over the house when playing roulette and other online casino games.

Reverse Labouchere: A Variation of the Labouchere Betting System

Like other betting strategies, there are some alternative variations to the Labouchere system, such as the Reverse Labouchere, a positive progression system. The Reverse Labouchere system works by adding the numbers to the end of the line if a bet wins instead of removing the two numbers initially on the sequence.

The bettor continues to follow the series of numbers they have decided on their line until they meet the set amount. If a bettor loses their wager, the last numbers on their sequence are deleted, and they concentrate on playing the shorter line.

The Reverse Labouchere aims to lessen losses for bettors and capitalise on winning streaks. When using this betting system, it is ideal that a bettor stops playing after the first loss following a winning streak, as this can help preserve profits. However, bettors need to remember that while the Reverse Labouchere can help reduce losses in a single betting session, it would not be able to protect one’s bankroll from significant losses over multiple sessions.



With the continuous growth of roulette and online casino games, it has become easier for bettors to start placing bets and play for an extended period. This makes it more crucial for bettors to have control of their bets and prevent pitfalls like the gambler’s fallacy. The Labouchere betting system is a worthwhile strategy for bettors to manage their bankroll efficiently as it helps track every bet, and every new stake covers the losses of the previous bets.

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