Why is RTP Important for Casino Players?

Online casino games continue to be favoured over the years as millions play them daily. Those who have checked a casino game before wagering money may be familiar with the math of the casino games that help guarantee fair outcomes. One of the terms that gamblers would encounter when they play casino games is the RTP or the Return to Player percentage.

What is the Return to Player or RTP Percentage?

Return to Player or RTP percentage is a term used to describe the overall percentage of the total wagers that a gambler can expect to win back from a casino game in the long term. It differs from volatility or variance, which are other crucial details in each casino game that describe the frequency and relative amounts of payouts that casino players can earn. Every game in an online casino Singapore has a different RTP percentage that is usually determined by the game’s rules and mechanics.

Calculating the RTP of casino games and online slots can be complex as it involves the game’s specific design parameters. The parameters of online slots include the probability of each symbol appearing on the real, the pay table, and the particular game mechanics. Remembering that RTP is based on a theoretical model and not actual game outcomes is crucial. It is essential to remember that even though RTP dictates the overall potential return, online slots are still based on a system of RNG or Random Number Generator. This means that there is always a chance that a spin in online slots can win or lose.

Why is RTP Important?

Understanding how theoretical RTP works and how it affects one’s odds of winning is vital to making intelligent and informed choices when wagering and playing casino games. RTP percentage is an important concept when playing casino games as it shows how much a player can win back when playing a casino game. It also helps players decide which casino games to play in trusted online gambling sites.

For example, if a game has a 95% RTP, it means that for every $50 wagered, a player can expect to win back $45 over time. The remaining $5 is the house edge, which refers to a casino’s profit from the game.

RTP and Volatility 

One way RTP affects a player’s chances of winning is through the volatility of online casino games. Volatility refers to the frequency and size of a player’s payout in a casino game. Casino games with high volatility tend to have fewer but larger payouts. Meanwhile, players can expect more frequent but smaller payouts from casino games with low volatility.

Usually, casino games and online slots with high volatility tend to have higher RTPs, as the occasional large payout can skew the overall percentage returned to players. But these can also be a riskier option as a player may only win something after long periods.

Meanwhile, casino games and slots with low volatility tend to have lower RTPs. This is due to the frequent small payouts, which may add up but may not be enough to offset the occasional more significant losses in the game. Casino games with low volatility may also be a less risky option since players can win a small amount of money.

RTP and House Edge

The house edge is another crucial factor affecting a player’s chances of winning. The house edge refers to the advantage that a casino has over the players to ensure its profitability in the long run. A lower house edge means that there is a higher RTP.

However, if an online casino slot has a high RTP, the house edge still contributes to a casino’s profit. RTP cannot determine how much a player can win, but it can provide information on how much a casino can gain from a player.

Taking Advantage of RTP to Win

Understanding the concept of RTP is one aspect that a player must know in playing casino games. However, it is also crucial to understand how to use it to reap benefits. While there are other aspects that a player must consider, a high RTP can still provide different advantages.

A slot game with a 96% or higher RTP is considered good. However, it is also crucial to remember that jackpot slots may have lower RTP. To make the most out of RTP, consider the following strategies:

  • Select Games with Higher RTP Percentages

Players can search for slots or casino table games that offer a higher likelihood of favourable returns. It is helpful to familiarise oneself with a casino game’s RTP and other characteristics before playing for real money.

  • Shop Around

There are many options available for gamblers when it comes to online slots and casino games. Casino players should find casino games and slots that suit their preferences, as they can explore many slots with unique themes, mechanics, and features.

  • Manage Bankroll Wisely

Casino players must set limits on their wagers and know when to stop playing. When a gambler is on a losing streak, RTP decreases significantly in the game session. This may also lead to an increase in house edge at the expense of one’s bankroll.

  • Explore Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions like welcome bonuses and game-specific promotions can provide additional value to players. It can be advantageous for players to try a demo mode of an online slot game to understand how the game works and map out their strategy before they play for real money.


While players cannot ultimately control the outcomes of casino games, understanding RTP can guide their game choices. RTP can help gamblers elevate their online gambling strategy by providing information to guide their decisions and enjoy a rewarding gaming experience.

To maximise one’s chances of winning in casino games, gamblers must choose games with higher RTP. Meanwhile, those who want a more exciting and lucrative gambling experience can play casino games with lower RTP.

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