Women’s World Cup 2023: Who are the Best Bets?

Many football leagues are set to kick off soon; among the most awaited is the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Held every four years, the FIFA WWC is an assembly of the world’s most renowned athletes in women’s football. The prestigious league is the culmination of three years of qualifying, as thirty-two countries compete for the Women’s World Cup Champion title. 

Football fans wait in anticipation to see their favourite teams play in the global competition. While sports bettors are no different, as the league has become popular in Singapore football betting. Before casting bets, sports bettors should learn as much as they can about the FIFA Women’s World Cup to make well-informed wagers.

Everything You Need to Know About FIFA WWC 2023

• The tournament will be held from July 10 to August 20 across ten cities in Australia and New Zealand, the host countries.

• The past title holders of the league are the USA with 4, Germany with 2, and Japan and Norway with 1.

• The US WNT (Women’s National Team) won the most recent FIFA WWC 2019.

• This year 32 teams are competing instead of 24, a first in the league’s history.

• The teams are divided into eight groups, shown below.


Image Taken from FIFA.

• The top two teams from each group will advance to a 16-team single round, knockout stage, until the semi-finals. The losers will play for a bronze medal match while the winners advance to the championship match.

Who Will Win the Women’s World Cup 2023

The biggest question in everyone’s mind is who will win the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Listed below are the top favourites among this year’s contenders.

Note: odds are from BetMGM and are subject to change. For Singapore-based bettors, refer to Singapore Pools football odds.

• USA (+275)

The defending champions are highly favoured to win a fifth time in the league. The US Women’s National Team qualified after a 5-0 win against Jamaica for the CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football) Women’s Championship. 

With a mix of star veterans and standout rookies, the US WNT is looking for another first-place finish in the FIFA WWC. Grabbing the title can be a historical accomplishment for the Stars and Stripes, as no team has ever won three consecutive times in both the men’s and women’s leagues.

Even after a concerning series of losses against England, Spain, and Germany, last year, Team USA bounced back and is now nursing an eight-match winning streak coming in July’s FIFA World Cup.

With its solid track record, the US Women’s National Team are the bookies’ top pick with odds of +275.

• England (+350)

Closely behind the Team USA is England’s Lionesses. The Euro Cup 2022 champions are known to be a top contender for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, especially after giving the Stars and Stripes its first loss since the 2021 Tokyo Olympics last October.

The friendly match was a showdown between the world’s top two teams, selling out the entire Wembley Stadium. The match resulted in the European team’s favour, as the Lionesses won 2-1 against the USA WNT. For many, this outcome shows England potential to dethrone the defending champs in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Aside from a victory against the US WNT, the England team is coming from a tournament win, after lifting the Arnold Clack Cup last February. With increasing titles under the belt, the Lionesses have established themselves as a force to be reckon with in women’s football.

Now, the challenge for the European team is to win an event outside of England, as they won both Euro 2022 and the Arnold Clark Cup with a home advantage. Nonetheless, they are held as the continent’s best and are expected to go against Team US in the finals.

• Germany (+650) and Spain (+650)

Bookies dictate that Germany and Spain share the same odds of winning the title. Even after falling short in Euro Cup 2022, the two teams should not be ruled out of the running, as they have great potential to clinch the global title. This becomes especially true, knowing that both teams have won against the US WNT in their friendly matches not long ago.

Euro 2022 Runner Up, Germany, is a hopeful pick for the FIFA WWC Cup as they performed well during the European league. Having won the global competition twice, Germany has the skill and experience knock out some of the cup’s strongest contenders like the USA, France, and the Netherlands.

While Spain has also become a strong team in Europe, the nation’s championship hopes dwindle as they encounter internal issues. This includes the announcement of a joint resignation by 15 national players via social media. Chances are the Spanish team appearing in this year’s Women’s World Cup will be vastly different from the one that secured the qualification. Even then, the team shows great promise in the upcoming games.

The favourites may have strong odds, but until a winner is crowned, it is still anyone’s game. Aside from USA, England, Germany, and Spain, there are promising teams that sport fans and bettors should look out for. ESPN’s analysis of all 32 FIFA WWC teams provides insights on how each nation may perform in the coming league regarding their latest international showing a few months before the global cup.


The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is an exciting global football tournament that sports fans watch and betting on. For this year, the four-time winners and defending champs, Team USA is the frontrunner.  They are closely followed by European contenders England, Germany, and Spain. 

Tune in to the FIFA Women’s World Cup to see which team comes out on top and makes a satisfying end to their story. You can enhance the sports-watching experience by placing wagers on your top FIFA WWC 2023 pick in soccer betting Singapore.

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