A Guide to Football Betting During the Off-Season

Football betting is an excellent way for punters to earn money while watching their favourite teams. This is common during regular-season games, where professional or college teams battle for the championship title. However, aside from regular playoffs, there is a unique opportunity for winning big payouts called off-season.

Off-season is a period when there are no regular-season games. Alternatively, it offers other events, such as preseason training camps or competitions, allowing bettors to place their bets. While players recover and train better for the following year’s competition, punters can improve their football betting knowledge during the off-season.

Preseason Football Competitions

International Champions Cup

The International Champions Cup (ICC) is a prominent preseason soccer competition worldwide. It conducts a series of exhibition games featuring the industry’s biggest and most successful football teams. Since this is a friendly competition, the game results do not affect the rankings of the participating teams.

In this preseason tournament, each team plays at least three games in a round-robin style. The round-robin approach is when a team in the group plays a match against every other team in the same group. It is a common format used in different football leagues, including the FIFA World Cup, National Football League, and other local tournaments.

Additionally, the regulations of this competition provide unrestricted substitutions during the matches, allowing coaches to test new teams and strategies. Punters can leverage this moment to determine which players will likely perform well in the upcoming seasons. They will also know what to avoid and improve their betting strategies.

Emirates Cup

Arsenal hosts the Emirates Cup, which aims to showcase the talent and skills of many football players. It is an annual preseason football tournament held at Emirates Stadium—Arsenal’s home ground in London. While it is not as competitive as regular season matches, it provides an exciting and profitable experience for players and punters.

Emirates Cup offers vast betting markets, including goal scorers, handicaps, and correct scores. It is also an excellent opportunity to engage with the football community, allowing bettors to discuss strategies, determine the favourites, and improve betting odds with their fellow bettors. Last August 23, Arsenal, one of the favoured teams, won the 2023 Emirates Cup on penalties after a 1-1 draw with Monaco.

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MLS All-Star Game

Major League Soccer All-Star Game is a friendly exhibition match conducted by Major League Soccer (MLS). It brings together all the best performers to compete against an international football club. Unlike other preseason games, when there is a tie after full-time, this All-Star game does not use a 30-minute extra period; instead, it goes directly to a penalty shoot-out.  

The All-Start team is usually selected through fan voting, coach selections, and league commissioner’s pick. A fan vote uses a media poll, where fans and MLS players cast their ballots for who they think deserves to be part of the team. The organisers will combine the votes to select 12 players, which will proceed to the next assessment process—coach selections and commissioner’s pick.

Soccer Aid

Robbie Williams founded and established Soccer Aid in 2006. It is a football match held in the United Kingdom that aims to raise funds for charitable causes. In 2018, the organisers decided to conduct the game every two years because of its enduring success in making money for charity.

Soccer Aid primarily benefits UNICEF, an organisation that protects and supports children around the world. In 2023, the tournament raised a total of £14,619005 for UNICEF UK. This is an excellent avenue for betting opportunities and a platform for social development.

Football Betting Tips During Off-Season

As a bettor, you might think the off-season is boring. However, you can transform it into a productive yet engaging opportunity. While football teams are scaling up during the off-season, this is also the best time for you to prepare. Here are some tips you can do during the off-season:

Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

Once the season ends, you will have more time to expand your knowledge and skills. You can delve deeper into team histories, player performances, and other betting strategies. This will help you lessen your betting risks and create more informed gambling decisions in the future.

Explore Personal Interests and Hobbies

The world of betting can be time-consuming and exhausting for some bettors. If you are one of them, the off-season is your chance to explore your interests and try new hobbies. You can play sports to promote physical health while understanding the game better. You can also volunteer in local sports organisations to grasp new perspectives, which can help you with your betting decisions.                     

Understanding Bankroll Management

If you aim for a profitable and long-term sports betting experience, you must conduct effective bankroll management. During the off-season, you should learn how to handle your finances, understand Singapore Pools soccer odds, and risk management. These factors are essential to know when the right time is to bet bigger or smaller stakes.

Learn New Betting System

Off-season is the best time to try different betting markets. This allows you to expand your bets and identify what suits you best. Here are some of the popular live soccer betting markets you can explore:

  • Match Result- Bettors will predict which teams will win the match.
  • Team and Player Props- Punters will guess the team to score the most goals, incur a penalty during regulation time, and make the most fouls.
  • Correct Score- Punters need to guess the right score of a match.

Betting markets are less competitive than those found in the regular season. This is due to fewer bettors participating in the event. However, you can use this time to capitalise on your knowledge and skills, allowing you to gain an advantage over other punters.

Study The Upcoming Season’s Favourites and Underdogs

The favourites and underdogs from the previous season tend to evolve in the next season. Although some players have consistently played, you must not be complacent with your bets. Keeping an eye on the potential favourites and underdogs while studying their odds can help you determine which teams will likely win the upcoming tournament.


Football betting during the off-season can be a rewarding experience. There is less competition, better odds, and bigger bonuses for bettors. Since matches are usually spread over several months, bettors can take longer to prepare and make smarter decisions.

With these advantages, experienced gamblers opt for off-season betting instead of risking their money during peak times. If you plan to bet on football during the off-season, you can consider betting in a reputable online sportsbook like Junebet66.

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