What is Dutch Betting?

What is Dutch Betting?

Dutching is a well-known method of betting. We go over everything, from its origins to whether it’s profitable for punters, and then we wrap up the story.

Dutching, also known as Dutch betting, might seem that it originated from the Netherlands, but it was actually developed in the American underworld of 1920s America. It has since been a widely used betting method to make profits. Dutch Schultz, an American mobster, was Al Capone’s accountant. He invented the term Dutching to help him beat the bookmakers at the races.


The technique was developed over 100 years to be used mainly in horse racing betting and football to improve the chance of winning one event. We will explain everything, including explanations and examples of how Dutching works and whether it is something you should do.


What is Dutching?

Dutching is also known as Dutch betting. It’s a betting strategy that allows you to back multiple outcomes in a single event. You can profit from any results you choose, winning in soccer or horseracing.

Splitting the punter’s stake is done so that each bet wins and that there is equal profit. Dutching can help reduce the risk of losing your money. However, you need to know what stake you should place to ensure that the same amount is returned no matter which selection wins. Dutch betting is not without risk. If one of the outcomes fails, your stake will be lost.

Dutch Betting Examples

Check out below the following Dutch betting options you try as you try horse racing betting.


Simple Dutch Betting

Simple Dutch betting refers to the process where the stake for each selection is either the same or reduced depending on the odds. This is called simple Dutch betting. These are two examples of Dutching with equal stakes and reduced stakes.

Equal Stake

  • Stake of $20 for Horse A @ 5/1
  • Stake of $20 for Horse B @ 5/1
  • Stake total= $40 ($20+$20)
  • Whichever Horse Win= $80 profit ($120 return- $40 Stake total)

Reduced Stake

  • Stake of $15.45 for Horse A @ 6/1
  • Stake of $19.55 for Horse B @ 3/1
  • Stake total= $35 ($15.45+$19.55)
  • Horse A wins=$73.15 ($108.15-$35 Stake total)
  • Horse B wins=$43.20 ($78.20-35 Stake total)

Set-profit Dutch Betting

This is where a bettor aims to make a profit on a race or other event. It doesn’t matter how many selections were made. We’ll look at examples with a fixed profit of $62. This will explain how it works using two or three selections.

Two-selection set-profit

  • Target profit= $62
  • Stake of $12 for Horse A @ 6/1
  • Stake of $12 for Horse B @ 6/1
  • Stake total= $22 ($12+$12)
  • Whichever Horse Win= $62 profit ($84-$22)

Three-selection set-profit

You still have a set profit amount of $62. However, because you added another selection, placing $12 on a winner at 4/1 will only give you a profit totaling $24. Therefore, you must increase each stake to $31.

  • Target profit= $62
  • Stake of $31 for Horse A @ 4/1
  • Stake of $31 for Horse B @ 4/1
  • Stake of $31 for Horse C @ 4/1
  • Stake total= $93 ($31+$31+$31)
  • Whichever Horse Win= $62 profit ($155 return – $93 Stake total)

Although it is unlikely that three horses would start a race at four-to-one, this is the best way to explain Dutch betting. The system becomes more complicated the more choices you make. A Dutching bet calculator is the best way to calculate your Dutch bet.


Application to Other Sports

Besides horse racing, Dutching is also popular in football betting due to the significant number of betting markets available in sportsbooks. Football bettors can use Dutching while betting on the Correct Score market by placing multiple bets on the same event. Bettors can do this is on one sportsbook or through multiple sportsbooks and Singapore Pools. Bettors can also use the Halftime-Fulltime market and two-way betting markets for simpler calculations.

Sports bettors can also use Dutching on tennis, basketball, ice hockey, and other similar sports betting options.


Despite its origins in the underworld, Dutch betting is still a legal technique that can make a profit today, especially if you’re a beginner looking forward to exploring horse racing betting in Singapore. However, the risk is often more significant than the reward. To correctly balance the stakes and returns, you must be an expert in the numbers. This can lead to errors that could easily happen to those who don’t know the system.

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