What to Know About the 2023 NFL Season

One of the crucial football betting tips that any bettor needs to know is to learn about significant sports events in football, such as the National Football League or NFL. The NFL is the most prominent and longest-enduring professional football league in the United States.

This year’s NFL is just around the corner, which many sports enthusiasts worldwide look forward to. Besides sports enthusiasts, bettors also anticipate this big sports event, which opens opportunities to win in football betting

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When is the 2023 NFL Draft?

The NFL draft is a three-day event, but conversations around it have been making rounds even a year before it happens. The draft’s first round for the 2023 NFL is on April 27, while the second and third rounds happen on April 28. Rounds 4-7 of the draft will be happening on April 29.

Sports fans can anticipate the NFL draft that will take place in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This year’s draft is the first draft that has been held in the state of Missouri.

What Bettors Need to Know About Basic NFL Betting Strategy

To gain profit in NFL bets,  bettors need to hit above half of their NFL bets in -110 betting odds in Sportsbook Singapore. While it does not sound too hard at first, it is incredibly challenging to do so. Using the different NFL betting strategies can help bettors on their way to a profiting NFL season.

1. Money/Bankroll Management

When betting on the NFL season, bettors should set aside a certain amount of money to gamble with that they can afford to lose, known as the bankroll. One common mistake that beginners tend to make is increasing the size of their bets as they start winning or chasing losses with bigger bets. The NFL season is long, and bettors need to know how to manage their money intelligently to profit throughout.

2. Look for Weekly Edges

To be a winning NFL bettor, one needs to find edges in the NFL games and capitalize on these edges. Doing so involves finding what bettors think to be an edge in the NFL lines and making bets based on it.

Bettors must avoid forcing bets because they want more action and to make the NFL games more exciting. For bettors looking to profit this NFL season, it is crucial to find a few good plays each weekend and bet them with around 2 per cent to 5 per cent of their bankroll. Seeing good plays in the NFL involves thoroughly researching the available odds and the teams playing in the NFL season.

3. Place Bets Based on Logic and not on Hunches

Basing one’s bet based on hunches and emotions can be challenging for many gamblers. Each one has their personal biases, whether it is a favourite team or one they despise. It is helpful to be aware of personal biases and decide based on favouritism, even though putting aside one’s personal preferences in favour of a sound sports betting strategy is not easy.

Being objective towards online NFL betting is the easiest way to make more intelligent and informed bets. It does not require a detailed strategy grounded on mathematical analysis to keep an eye on the best lines and betting odds.

4. Pay Attention to Where the Game Is Played

Home-field advantage is significant, and it matters more at specific stadiums. One instance is the New England Patriots that went 42-6 straight-up (32-14-2 ATS) at their home field from 2014 to 2018. Some teams do not travel well. One instance is the San Francisco 49ers, which performed a 9-31 on the road, the third worst in the league from 2014 to 2018. 

Bettors must compare each team’s home and away record when placing bets for home team advantage. Aside from this, knowing where and when the teams played the previous week is also a crucial factor to consider, as some groups suffer from real disadvantages in travelling.

5. Know More Than Just the Trends in NFL

Following the trends and patterns in betting on NFL games is a good idea. These trends sometimes provide valuable information that bettors can consider. However, the sharpest bettors know how to look at the context behind the numbers when researching and evaluating available game statistical trends.

Taking note that a team scored 49 weeks in the previous week does not necessarily mean that their offence is consistently firing on all cylinders. Bettors must go back and look at how the points were scored throughout the game since there can also be other factors that affect how the points were scored.

6. Know How the Offense and Defense Of The Teams Match Up

Identifying mismatches in offence and defences of each team can benefit bettors in placing a winning bet. Bettors can look at each team’s rushing and passing yards on offence and defence. Teams are often much more potent in one area than another. A team with a great offence that thrives on the running game can struggle against an average defence that works well in stopping the run but is mediocre against the pass.

If an offence that usually marches the ball throughout the field faces a defence that haemorrhages yards, bettors can expect the offence to have an excellent performance. Meanwhile, if a team’s defence is playing like a brick wall, an offence that struggles to move the chains will likely be more challenging than usual.

7. Diversify NFL Bets

Bettors can succeed in betting on moneyline, spread, and game totals betting markets. However, maximizing success in NFL betting involves knowing the different alternative bets that bettors can make.

Many sportsbooks enable bettors to bet on alternative spreads or buy and sell points. Bettors can find value in other betting markets, such as player props, over/under, and live sports betting.


Following a logical strategy in NFL betting can help bettors gain profit throughout this year’s NFL. Finding success in sports betting is all about putting time and effort into researching and effectively managing one’s bankroll.

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