Football Betting Guide: Basic Tips for Beginners

Sports betting can be somewhat difficult to master, especially for rookies with no experience researching sports teams beyond their biases. Online sports betting in Singapore is even more challenging since the betting scene is restricted with betting only through Singapore Pools. However, many bettors still have the option to bet online through foreign sportsbooks.

Whether bettors are betting through Singapore Pools or are making a risk to bet through online casinos and the sportsbook providers they have, they’ll need to know the basics of betting in sports if they want to profit.

Focus on Easy-to-Win Bets

Not all betting markets are made the same, and some are easier to win than others. When betting through Singapore Pools, bettors should try betting on the following markets:

  • 1X2
  • Total Goals Over/Under 2.5
  • Will Both Teams Score
  • Total Goals Odd/Even
  • Halftime versions of different betting markets
When betting through sportsbooks like CMD368, bettors should try betting on the following markets:
  • 1X2
  • Double Chance
  • Over/Under
  • Both Teams To Score
  • Odd/Even
  • First Half/Halftime versions of different betting markets
Sportsbooks typically offer more betting markets than Singapore Pools, so bettors will have more choices when betting through them. However, both options offer some of the same betting markets the other offers, only in different names, which means that it’s completely possible to use beginner-friendly markets to win.
Rookie bettors should consider focusing on easy-to-win bets to get the hang of things before betting on parlays and more advanced betting markets. The easiest to win bets are usually the best betting markets for beginners. Sticking to these markets should nearly guarantee that bettors win their bets, especially if they researched how a match could go beforehand.

Stay Away from Unknowns

When betting on Singapore sportsbooks, bettors will likely see multitudes of events apart from the more popular events, including the English Premier League. The EPL is among the most popular football events worldwide, and many bettors will likely know more about them than the Paraguay Primera Division, Scottish Championship, Finland Kakkonen, and others. If a bettor knows more about the EPL, then they should consider sticking to it.

Avoiding the unknowns doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding obscure leagues; it only means avoiding leagues and events that the particular bettor might not know about. If a bettor knows a lot about the Scottish Championship, then they should consider sticking to it.

When avoiding unknowns, bettors should also consider avoiding hard-to-understand betting markets when they have no trouble guessing the correct outcome of a match using the 1X2 market. If a bettor knows a lot about an obscure league, they can potentially take advantage of inaccurate odds provided by certain sportsbooks to profit more.

Avoid Betting Excessively

Anyone can get carried away when betting on sports, especially when backing favourites or biases. Many sports fans show their support for their teams by betting on them, regardless of whether it’s practical or not. Some bettors even got lucky with outright bets, like a Leicester fan that bet on Leicester winning the EPL with 5,001.00 odds using £50 or $72. If he rode out the bet, he would have won over $350,000, but he cashed out before Leicester’s game against Watford. This fan won about $103,000 from the bet and would have won more if he hadn’t cashed out so early.

While it’s possible for bettors to win longshot bets, bettors shouldn’t get carried away and stake high when betting on long odds. They also shouldn’t bet on multiple events at one betting session if they’re unsure of the outcome just because their selections have short odds. This ties nicely with avoiding the unknowns, but bettors should also consider doing this even if they’ve researched multiple games before betting.

Other ways to bet excessively are by frequently betting on parlays without keeping bankroll management in mind. Practising bankroll management should be enough to keep bettors from betting excessively. They can learn more about this through our topic on the key factors to succeed in sports betting since money management is included there.

Ignore Tipsters

Many sports bettors fall victim to bad advice from many different people telling them to bet on certain teams and outcomes. Tipsters tend to say which teams have the advantage and convince others to bet on them. While a lot of these tipsters won’t likely have any malicious intent, it’s still a bad idea for bettors to listen to them instead of doing their own research.


As mentioned above, research is vital to ensure that bettors win their bets. Relying on tipsters isn’t enough to guarantee a win, and bettors must first check and see if the tipster’s prediction is accurate based on personal research.

Betting live is also a good option after researching since bettors can gather more information before placing a bet. They can either confirm their research or change opinions once they see how a match is going and even take advantage of the long odds before the sportsbook can change the odds.

Bet Through a Trusted Online Casino in Singapore

This only applies to bettors who want to try sportsbook betting in Singapore to take advantage of the more numerous betting markets present in sportsbooks. Bettors have a lot of reasons to shift from Singapore Pools to sportsbooks, and among them are the following:

  • More betting markets
  • Better odds
  • More sports offered
  • More events offered

Singaporean bettors typically bet through sportsbooks by first registering in an online casino and then selecting the sportsbook, sports, or sports betting tab to select a sportsbook to bet through. In Junebet66, bettors can choose from M8Bet, CMD368, and United Gaming.

Bettors must be careful since many fraudsters and bad actors create fake betting sites to lure in unsuspecting bettors and steal their information and/or winnings. It’s vital first to learn how to choose an online casino in Singapore before proceeding to place bets. Bettors should also consider betting through Singapore Pools and foreign sportsbooks to try some betting strategies like dutching or hedging.

Betting through a betting site is already a good strategy in itself due to the availability of more options and better odds, but betting through multiple betting sites is better due to more opportunities.



Online sports betting can be quite difficult to get the hang of for many beginners, but following the basics like sticking to beginner-friendly markets, limiting bets, and researching should be enough to improve their chances. Sports bettors can try any of them while betting through Singapore Pools or through a foreign sportsbook.

If a bettor wants to start betting through an online sportsbook, they only need to look for reputable Singapore betting sites like Junebet.


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